Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Horsing Around

DD and DB taking a short recess from school before
returning to do a little science-their favorite subject.
Doodlebug's theme this week is "Jesus is the light of the world." Just as God gave us the sun to light our way, he also gave us his SON to show us the way.
Here's a little stained glass window artwork.
and a little sun painting

The girls also enjoyed making birthday cards for me...
and surprising me with a birthday breakfast at Denny's.
It just so happens that Denny's is the only restaurant in town that serves chocolate chip pancakes-their favorite!!!!!
The girls had a great time socializing with other home schooled children in the park.  We've got a lot of activities scheduled with this new play group.  We meet a couple of times per month.
In this picture, the children are all observing a bird’s nest found by one of the boys.

Horseback riding was a very exciting part of the girls' week.  DD and DB are signed up to take four lessons.
Here's DD on Beauty
and Doodlebug with the ranch owner on Polka who she calls a "grandma horse."
The girls can’t wait to do a little more “horsing around” next week.

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Mommy Spice said...

Oh how fun! I love horseback riding! Happy Belated birthday. I hope y'all enjoyed your chocolate chip pancakes!!