Saturday, September 26, 2009


We decided to let DD begin taking violin lessons a couple of weeks ago. After her first lesson I began to question this decision greatly. The best way to describe the scene is to picture a small rubber ball being thrown into a completely empty room with great force. She was absolutely “bouncing off of the walls.” If you know DD, you know that she’s quite “active,” but this was BEYOND active!!! She couldn’t stay seated. She was constantly touching the other violins, violas and the cello. She seemed to be intrigued by everything in the room. Fortunately, her teacher has been working with children for many, many years and has several children of her own. She didn’t seem to be as concerned with DD’s behavior as I was, but I’m sure she must have been secretly thinking about buying Velcro for DD’s seat before her next lesson.

(Where are her shoes??? I know she had them on when we arrived. Oh my.)
Lesson 2 was MUCH BETTER even without the Velcro. Her teacher was very impressed with DD’s ability to recall and play everything she was taught during the first lesson. She told us that DD was already playing a song that normally takes her students approximately 2 months to learn. She also commented that it usually takes about 6 months for a lefty to master the correct hand position on the bow with her non-dominant hand, but that DD seemed to already have it. I honestly think that she was amazed that DD heard ANYTHING she said the first week. lol Maybe it just goes to show that adding a little BOUNCE to your MUSIC never hurts. Lol  

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Big One!

Last week I celebrated a REALLY BIG birthday…SO big that I don’t think the numbers are even on this keyboard. Lol Even if they were, I don’t think I could bring myself to actually type them. It’s taken me almost a week to actually post it. Lol So I’ll just say that it was great fun having all of the kids together to celebrate. I love to watch them interact. The older ones are like heroes to the little ones. Their b-day present to me was a new camera. YEA!!!! My old one has been dropped more times than I can count. The door that secures the batteries in the camera will not stay closed and there is no longer a ZOOM button, plus the image screen is much too small for my aging eyes.
I guess it was just falling apart…just a little too symbolic don’t you think?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Say Cheese!

Just thought I'd share some recent pictures we had made of the girls. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Heck No-Gecko!

We have been overrun with geckos this summer. They are SO creepy! They scare me to death. We’ve even found them INSIDE the house on a number of occasions. They just run in when we open the door. Yuk! Last week we even found a small snake beside Doodlebug’s bed! Oh my! Desperate for some help---we got a cat. Meet our great GECKO GETTER!
She still needs a name...
Why is it that I’m not feeling really good about this yet? Hmmmm.