Saturday, July 31, 2010

Doodlebug Turns Five!

As usual, DB has managed to spread her birthday celebration out over several days. Her actual birthday was on Friday, July 30th.
The celebration started with a trip to the donut store.
DB picked a pink donut with sprinkles on top and the clerk added a few extra donut holes just because it was her b-day! To top off the b-day breakfast, DD gave Doodlebug the ballerina Barbie that she had been wanting for some time.
Doodlebug even got a special gift from her hibiscus plant..TWO blooms in one day. Up until this day the plant has only yielded one flower at a time. She’s convinced her birthday made the difference.
On Saturday we enjoyed b-day cake with Ms. Billie and Sandra.   Since DB had asked for an ice skating party, I looked everywhere for ice skating birthday party decorations…They just don’t exist in our area in the middle of the summer. (Imagine that!) I was, however, able to find a 1998 Olympic Ice Skating Barbie on Amazon. It had never been taken out of the box. I used it on top of the cake…not exactly what I was planning, but Doodlebug was happy with it, so "mission accomplished."
DB has invited one little guest to go ice skating on Sunday afternoon. We will pick up a cookie cake from American Cookie Co. and celebrate again at the ice rink  which is right next to a carousel that Doodlebug absolutely LOVES.   It should be a lot of fun!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oops! Something has happened to my blog design. I'll be working on it.

Jumpin' in July

Things have really  been jumpin' in July! Following are pictures of some of our activities.  Since the weather has been so unbearably hot, the girls have spent a lot of time playing indoors.  The other day they became bored and asked if we could go ahead and start school!  That's when I knew it was time to get out and do something...ANYTHING!  I've still got way too many things to do before beginning school, so to get their minds off of school we went to a small local business that features inflatable obstacle courses and jump houses.  They had the WHOLE PLACE to themselves!!!
Fun! Fun!
The girls have also spent a lot of time "dressing up."
Putting on make-up and
playing with little princesses!
They had fun using Daddy's refillable Race Trac cup while he was out of town
and making birthday cards for Daddy D
We met Sister and Daddy Darling for lunch on Daddy D's birthday, then
we went shopping at some really unique stores.
We finally ended up at Sister D's house where we enjoyed eating b-day cake and
relaxing (?) in her new hammock.
We ended the day with our outdoor violin concert.

I thought I had better catch up on some of July's activities because tomorrow will be the Princess's 5th birthday and it will be ALL ABOUT HER for the remainder of the month. That's just the way it is with princesses ;)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Too Bloomin' Cute

These new hair clips are just too bloomin’ cute! A friend of mine is making and selling them to help fund the adoption of her second daughter, a 12 yr. old girl from China. You can order them in several colors from here .

4th of July 2010

The girls had a great time over the weekend celebrating the 4th of July with family.
First, we went to Aunt Muh’s for a delicious cookout and fun playing with LH.
This “hot pink” dump truck was a hit with the girls. Of course, a bath was badly needed by the end of the night.
Saturday night was spent at Aunt Anne’s....More great food and fun with fireworks!

It’s no wonder  Doodlebug and Desheng Darling LOVE seeing their cousins, M and J. The girls want for NOTHING. Thanks guys, for taking such good care of  (aka spoiling) DD and DB.