Sunday, January 31, 2010

Barbie Birthday Bash

Yesterday we celebrated DD’s 7th birthday! We kept it really simple with just family and one little friend.
DD wanted a chocolate Barbie cake with pink frosting. It turned out really well and tasted SOOOO good!
For her party, DD had two requests:
1) She wanted to go a book store. 2) She wanted to go ice skating.
We could take care of both requests at the mall so off we went.
Sister Darling joined us and I was happy to have her help!
First, we stopped at a book store where the girls met Spot and

shopped for just the right book.
Here's DD filling up on pizza before going to the rink.
We're ready to hit the rink....literally. LOL
Sister Darling and I both spent a lot of time picking up giggling girls, while Daddy kept up with all of our “stuff” and tried to take pictures. I’m just thankful that no one had to pick me up!
We had a great time skating! Then, we headed back home for
Birthday Cake...
And gifts!!!!!!
Doodlebug had so much fun that she’s already placed her order for an ice skating party in July!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday DD!

We'll be celebrating DD's birthday on Saturday, but I just wanted to post a picture taken on the morning of her actual birthday (Thurs.)  We had heart-shaped donuts for her birthday breakfast.  She's one sweet little girl!  Happy Birthday Desheng Darling!  We love you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Big Night

The night that Desheng Darling had long awaited FINALLY arrived...Her first concert!

Can’t you just see the excitement  in her eyes?

Doodlebug was also in the concert and played her little heart out. She wasn’t nervous at all and loved the attention she got!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but I’m taking violin lessons TOO! I know it sounds crazy, but I’m loving it…so… I got to be in my first concert (since high school) too. It was really a lot of fun! And the best part about being “an old beginner” is that you just don’t care too much about what the others think..The younger ones sitting beside you are too polite to say anything rude to the elderly (me)when I miss a note and the other "old beginners” can’t hear very well so they don’t say anything either. LOL
The hardest part of the concert was knowing that DD was seated totally out of my reach, totally out of hearing distance, and totally out of my evil eye controlling look. She was seated right on the outside edge, about two feet from the audience. If you know DD, you will understand my concern. She is SO impulsive. You just NEVER know what she is going to do or say! Except for playing her own little tune while everyone else was quiet, there were no major problems.

Sister and Brother Darling sat with Daddy Darling. The girls were thrilled that they came.

(Doodlebug and Sister Darling)
Desheng Darling is actually doing very well on the violin. She plays so much better than I. It’s pretty humbling at times to be outplayed by a 6 year old. LOL I was practicing the other day when DD walked in. She said, “Mom, remember when you whistled that song? You whistled it REALLY well. I think maybe you should just whistle, rather than play the violin at the concert.” Hmmmm…I guess that pretty much sums up the way she feels about my late in life musical endeavor. LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

On Tuesday night the girls had their one (and only) rehearsal for their first concert scheduled for next week.

This picture isn't very clear, but I think you can see DD's big smile...even through the blur.

Here's Doodlebug concentrating hard on playing the right notes.  Her friend beside her is...well, just playing....Interestingly, they basically sound the same. LOL

Here's the part they ALL love...playing the jingle bells to accompany one of the songs.  The rehearsal was quite revealing.  I found out yesterday that the teacher has made several changes based on the trial performance.  Interestingly, DD will  NOT be sitting by one of her BEST friends at the concert.  Imagine that!  I guess the teacher must have noticed that they were both talking non-stop in between songs.LOL  That could have been why they never started on time and got lost several times in the music.  Oh well, the girls are both excited about their first real performance next week.  Let's hope the seating arrangement change helps!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK Day...FUN!

No school today...Just Fun!

Fun at violin lessons!

AR, one of DB’s friends, recently joined her violin class
and came over to play after violin lessons….More fun.

And even MORE fun playing with the new Barbie house that Santa brought.

Doodlebug even thought that vacuuming the play room was fun…Wouldn’t it be nice if she still felt that way in a few years? LOL

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

DD and DB are usually the BEST of friends. They play for hours together, day after day, with VERY few disagreements, but every great once in awhile a problem arises. It’s usually Desheng Darling (the oldest) who cries and comes to me. DD tries to avoid conflict and she tries to keep everybody “happy.” She just can’t stand it when DB tells her that she isn’t going to play with her anymore or if DB won’t share. On the other hand, Doodlebug couldn’t care less if DD played with her or not. She’s pretty content to just play by herself and sharing isn’t really a priority for her.

After having a great time outside on their scooters for P.E.,

The girls went upstairs to play with their Barbie dolls. That’s when I heard a little scuffle and DD’s tears began to flow.

This is what happens when sisters don’t share…Poor Barbie.

And this, unfortunately, is what “Time Out” looks like….Poor Doodlebug. I guess she’s going to have to move "sharing" up on her list of priorities.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Die-hard Cowboy Fans....well, at least that's the mood this week :)

Friday, January 01, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas this year....3 times!!!

First, at our house with our immediate family and
special friends, Ms. Billie and Sandra.

Then, at Nanny's

with  aunts, uncles and cousins.

And lastly, at PawPaw's with more aunts, uncles, and

even MORE cousins!
Thank you all for making our Christmas  special.   We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  We love you all.

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