Saturday, May 29, 2010


School was officially over for the girls yesterday, and DD is already complaining of being bored. She wants to do MORE science….so I’m sure we’ll continue…in our free time. We’ll find plenty of things to do…trips to the library, swimming lessons, violin lessons, sewing, and of course….house cleaning (yuk!)

Doodlebug is very excited about being in kindergarten next year. Some of her kindergarten curriculum arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and she couldn’t wait to get started. She LOVES the math book. I’m hoping she’ll decide to LOVE the reading book soon. Although she CAN read, she’d rather make up her own words than sound out the ones written in the book. If you know DB, that’s no surprise!  After all, a princess should only have to do what she wants to do, right? She made a lot of progress in speech, but she’ll continue to attend speech classes next year. She’s scheduled for only one day per week rather than two.

We’ve had a great year and accomplished quite a bit, but I’m exhausted! I’ve always been a very energetic person…but I’ll have to admit that DD’s got me whooped! (Is that a word?) She’s given me a new appreciation for parents and teachers of ADHD children. Perhaps I should include “young” parents, too. There have been days this year that she has literally been upside down in her desk, sitting on the back of her seat, and bouncing like a rubber ball. We’ve reviewed math facts and spelling words while jumping up and down and hopping up and down stairs! I’m not sure who needs medication the most…DD or me? Lol
Next year will be quite challenging…teaching two different grade levels to two very different personalities at the SAME time. Hmmmmm…I sure hope it’s a long summer.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lefties Just Give Me the Quills! LOL

In our American Girl study, Felicity (a colonist) attends a special school where girls are taught how to sew and write properly. Felicity met several challenges as an impatient spunky little girl, but I learned this week that teaching an impatient, spunky, little lefty comes with its own set of problems.
DD attempted to make her own sampler of stitches. We used plastic canvas to make it a little easier , but there were still a lot of knots to be undone. Lol
From sewing, we moved on to writing…with a QUILL pen! That was an experience!…First of all we had to transform the feathers into a quill pens. Then, the girls attempted to write.
I now have a better understanding of why lefties write upside down. Lol

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AWANA Awards

The girls LOVE the AWANA program at our church. It’s been great for memorizing Bible verses and learning Bible stories. The last session for this year was an Awards Program held last week.

Desheng Darling received the top award in “Sparks” and
Doodlebug received the “Outstanding Cubbie” award.

Way to go, Girls!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tea for Two

Desheng Darling has moved on to the second character in the American Girl series, Felicity. She’s a spunky little girl growing up in the late 1700’s in Williamsburg, VA.
Here’s DD making her own mob hat like the ones worn by girls during colonial times.
Of course, Doodlebug had to have one too.
Like Felicity, the girls had a tea party today and practiced the manners that were so important to girls growing up during this time period.
DD gladly wore her Felicity style dress, fancy hat, and mob hat but Doodlebug was adamant about wearing her sparkling dress…not quite appropriate for girls in that era.
The girls had a great time practicing serving tea (fruit flavored punch) and cookies. 
I think they each drank at least 4 cups of punch and ate a minimum of 6 cookies!
Tea anyone?????

Monday, May 03, 2010


Doodlebug loves puzzles! Just a few minutes before I took this picture she told me that she wanted to stay up until 20 o’clock (whatever that means) to finish her puzzle. She almost made it! LOL