Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tea for Two

Desheng Darling has moved on to the second character in the American Girl series, Felicity. She’s a spunky little girl growing up in the late 1700’s in Williamsburg, VA.
Here’s DD making her own mob hat like the ones worn by girls during colonial times.
Of course, Doodlebug had to have one too.
Like Felicity, the girls had a tea party today and practiced the manners that were so important to girls growing up during this time period.
DD gladly wore her Felicity style dress, fancy hat, and mob hat but Doodlebug was adamant about wearing her sparkling dress…not quite appropriate for girls in that era.
The girls had a great time practicing serving tea (fruit flavored punch) and cookies. 
I think they each drank at least 4 cups of punch and ate a minimum of 6 cookies!
Tea anyone?????


Debbie and Sam said...

I think you need to come to Williamsburg!!! What a learning experience!!! (not to mention we live 20 minutes away)

Debbie Swart said...

Such darling, darling girls!! You are such a good momma to them. What wonderful memories they are making!!!

Anonymous said...

They sure look the part.I can almost remember,ha,almost!!!!Love you Nanny

Mrs. B said...

I love it! You really do make homeschooling look more and more fun!!