Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Or so it seemed last week when DB asked me to leave her bedroom. She stated that she just wanted to clean it up ALL BY HERSELF. This is so “out of character” for Doodlebug. Cleaning is just not her thing. She usually tells me that her “bones are too tired to clean” or some other equally believable excuse.

After closing the door, and spending some time in her room, she called me in to admire her work. It actually looked pretty good….except for the bedskirt that was pulled way too far down so that it was touching the floor. I had an idea of what she had done, but I didn’t say anything to her about it at the time. We had company coming and the room “looked” clean so I just left it alone.
Today when I confronted her about her cleaning methods, she looked quite surprised. She reluctantly admitted to putting everything under her bed, and then after a few seconds she asked "How did you know?” Hmmmm…
Here’s Doodlebug cleaning everything out from under the bed…

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 2010

June has been a month filled with activities.  First of all the girls participated in the
(the spring concert)
Then, they both took swimming lessons for the first time.  They learned a lot and made new friends, but neither of them actually learned to swim....maybe next year.
On the last day of swimming lessons, they were allowed to go down the slide.. their favorite part.
In June we also spent a lot of money on.... new floors,
a new paint job,
and a new garage door.
Nothing fancy...It looks just like the old one, but this one actually works!
The girls  enjoyed swimming with their playgroup friends and
going to the movie theater to see TOY STORY 3.
Father's Day was fun with Brother and Sister Darling.
DD and DB made a few trips to the donut shop for a suger-filled breakfast before...
sending them off to
Vacation Bible School (for DD)
and Princess Camp( for DB)
Doodlebug LOVED it!  I think she felt right at home. (lol)
(Princess Doodlebug and her teacher, Ms. Ursela)
It seems as if we've had something to do EVERY Day since school's been out....obviously enough to wear anyone out.