Friday, July 31, 2009


Doodlebug had a GREAT birthday party today! After changing her mind a hundred times, she finally decided that she wanted a HULA party for her 4th birthday. What fun!

All of the guests had little grass hula skirts and leis. They were SO cute! We are truly blessed to have such sweet friends. It was especially good to see Panda Mom and Panda Girl again. They had to travel quite a distance to get to our house.

After time in the play room...

A quick lunch...

And a little Fun in the Sun,

Doodlebug blew out her candles and

opened her gifts!

She was SO excited!
Doodlebug really had a FANTASTIC 4TH! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so special. (We really missed you Spicy Girl and 'Lil Ms. Firecracker. We hope to see you soon.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What Have We Been Doing?

Mommy Spice's last comment reminded me of how long it's been since I've posted. We've been pretty busy just doing the normal summer "stuff," but today Desheng Darling wanted to do something that most of us don't do intentionally. It was SO funny. We had a summer thunderstorm this afternoon with strong winds, rain and large hail. The girls really enjoyed watching it out of the window. After it passed and the sun came back out, DD announced to Daddy Darling that she wanted to "Go out and catch some hail!" Too Funny! Of course we've been doing things other than "catching hail" and I'll try to post about some of them later. LOL