Sunday, September 30, 2007

Once A Week

I am finding myself posting more and more of these “once a week” postings. That’s not really what I had in mind when I started, but I guess it will have to do until things slow down a little around here.

Desheng Darling attends Awanas at our church on Wednesday nights. This is the first year that she has been willing to stay by herself and really interact with others, so this is a big step for her. You have to remember that she was almost two when we got her, so she’s not as emotionally mature as some children her age.

This is DD sporting her Awanas vest holding the artwork she started in class, but didn’t have time to finish.

Of course, Doodlebug wanted her picture made, too.

On Thursday we made a quick trip to the mall.

A trip to the mall wouldn't be complete without Dippin’ Dots!

And playing in the play area! I’m not sure why we went to the mall in the first place! LOL

DD immediately made friends with a little boy. She chased him around the playground until I made her stop. The little boy was very disappointed. I guess it wasn’t bothering him after all.

Doodlebug had fun just running around…not chasing anyone.

Looks like we’re going to have to come up with a new “smile” word. Desheng Darling just says “Cheese” and makes a beautiful smile, but when Doodlebug tries to say “Cheese,” the results are quite different. LOL One eye closes and she gets this weird expression on her face. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like cheese.

We attended Culture Day on Saturday. The girls had a great time. I don’t know how much of the cultural experience that they will remember, but they really enjoyed seeing their friends. DD and DB had red dresses, too, but we didn’t know that everyone else was wearing them. It sure would’ve made a cute picture.
Thanks, MommySpice, for this great picture of the older girls. Mine was blurry. They just get more beautiful everyday.
SpicyGirl and Desheng Darling tried their luck with Tai Chi.They look pretty good!
They look good here, too, but they were supposed to be in the same stance. Hmmmmm. Once again, DD was doing her own thing.
PandaGirl and DD are both from the same province, so I was able to get this picture of them together holding their sign. Unfortunately, there was no sign for Doodlebug. I’m not sure what happened to it.
We also ran into some special friends who previously atttended our church. They have a very interesting family. You might want to visit their blog

We finished our Saturday off with a very special 76th birthday celebration with our friend, Ms. Billie. We met Ms. Billie when Sister Darling was only 9 months old and we’ve developed a wonderful friendship over the last 23 years. Friends like these are hard to find. We are so blessed that God sent her our way! We love her dearly and she will always have a special place in our hearts.
Doodlebug had to strip off her clothes after enjoying her yummy chocolate b-day cupcake! Not surprised?? Me either.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fun with Friends

All that backyard practice really paid off. The girls had a great time at the park with our play group. Unfortunately, SpicyGirl was sick and couldn’t make it. We missed you SG.

We went back to a park that we frequently visited when we first formed our group over two years ago. I can’t believe that it’s been that long. I think it stirred old memories. Oh how I wish ALL the girls were still able to meet each week!! Two of our members moved to China to live for a few years and of course, PandaGirl moved about an hour north of here. We’ve had a lot of good times in this park. We really miss our friends!

Here are a few pictures of our day:

Desheng Darling and Doodlebug LOVED the swings!

And the slides!And the Monkey Bars!

Actually, they just loved being with their friends Snowbunny and Cheerleader! Can't wait until next week!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We didn’t do anything special this weekend. It was just nice to have a couple of days at home. The girls played with Dora… or maybe DD played while Doodlebug observed. Some days are like that. DD doesn’t always invite DB to participate. I’m sure however, that if Doodlebug wanted Dora, she would have taken her. She’s learned to just take what she wants and hope that she can get by with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. LOL

I think the Desert Rats gave DD this doll on her first Christmas with us..2 yrs. ago. I’m surprised that we still have most of the pieces.

The girls and I made chocolate chip muffins and strawberry muffins Saturday morning. We ate them out on the patio while Daddy Darling slept in. His nights are pretty short during the week, so we thought we would give him a little break.


Good pictures are sometimes hard to get. See what I mean. What could they both be looking at on different sides of the room????
Training for their summer jobs at the carwash?… Not really, just giving Daddy Darling a little help.

Clean up. Clean up, everybody everywhere.
Clean up. Clean up, everybody do their share.

(Barney song)

Doodlebug became Daddy D’s buddy this weekend. This is quite a change. He has waited for a long time for her to really warm up to him. This weekend she was Daddy’s Girl all the way!!!!

She even let Daddy style her hair!!!! I think we may be in trouble! LOL

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Practicing!

Since the girls didn’t get to go to the park Monday, they’ve been practicing their skills in our backyard. I’m sure Doodlebug will be an expert on the slide and swings when she finally gets to go with the play group. I’m hoping that we get to go next Monday, but there's rain in our forecast, so who knows. We are really enjoying having this sweet little girl in our family. Her smile just adds an extra ray of sunshine to our lives. She gets so excited about the “little” things that we take for granted everyday. Although we’ve only had her a month, I can’t imagine life without her. She’s such a blessing!

A few days ago Doodlebug got really quiet, so I went to check on her…you know how it is.

This is what I found:
Well, at least someone is getting potty-trained! LOL Good job, George! Doodlebug is showing some interest in potty-training. She was actually successful the first time we tried, but I’m not pushing it right now. We’ve got too many other adjustments to make before I try to tackle the potty business. We're still working on what's yours, mine and ours with DD...but we're making progress.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Chic at Chick-Fil-A

The playgroup met at Chick-Fil-A today. We contemplated going to the park, but decided that there would be less ragweed at C-F-A (lol). The girls had a good time! Doodlebug actually ventured into the play area. SnowBunny and SpicyGirl were so helpful. They made sure that she knew how to get up to the top and encouraged her to slide down. When it was time to eat, they crawled up into the play area to get Doodlebug, so that I didn't have to. I was quite relieved...Not that I couldn't have climbed up there, but I am REALLY glad that I didn't have to. She’s still a novelty to them.
Doodlebug had a blast. I think she’s fitting in just fine!

After a great time with our friends, I thought DB would easily go down for an afternoon nap when we got such luck. I put her down twice, but she was awakened both times by Brother Darling “accidentally.” So we just went outside and enjoyed the afternoon. Who needs to sleep anyway????? Life is so much fun with these girls!

Friday, September 14, 2007


I mentioned in an earlier post that Nanny Darling gave DD a very special book called The Story of God’s “Grace.” What I didn’t mention is that the book was actually written by my cousin, William Boyd Chisum, who is also a great musician, singer, and songwriter. I wanted to get permission from him before posting anything due to copyright issues, although I didn’t think he would actually mind.
DD loves this book! It comes with a CD that sings the story to her. She loves to sing along with and follow the words in the book. She just knows that Boyd is singing about her!In this book, God’s grace is personified in the form of a little girl (Grace) who is ever- present and just waiting to be accepted. The book gives several examples of how God’s grace is sufficient in every circumstance. It even has an example about a little girl in an orphanage waiting for her Forever Family. I don’t think you will be able to read it without crying both tears of sorrow and joy!

This is the chorus/theme that is repeated several times throughout the book. (the part that DD loves to sing):

God’s Grace, God’s Grace
Each day I long to see
What life brings to me
And with each and every problem that comes my way
I will face it, I will embrace it
With God’s “Grace.”

It’s a great book. I know it can be purchased on You might also want to visit his website http://www.williamboydchisum.comto learn how God has worked in his personal life and about his other books/concerts/movie plans, etc.

Interestingly, he is in the process of writing another book at this time called, “Where Grace Meets Hope.” I could probably fill him in on this one…perhaps from a different angle entirely. LOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pachelbel Bedtime

A very special friend shared this video with me. It's hilarious, but soooo true. You're right, Jennifer. This says it all.LOL Thanks for sharing it with me.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Can you tell by looking at their faces who’s enjoying the ride the most? I really think that Doodlebug will be our little daredevil when she finally gets adjusted, but right now, the riding mower is just not for her (although she really likes her hat and sunglasses.)

This sad picture is of the girls after being sent to bed against their will “more than once.” Desheng Darling is quietly looking through her books in her bed…albeit upside down in her bed. But Doodlebug is headed back to the toy box for more jewelry.

Looks like she’s got her loot and she’s headed back to bed…

Look at these beautiful quilts that Nanny Darling, Aunt Muh, and Aunt Sherry made for the girls. I can’t imagine them not wanting to go to bed and snuggle up under these beautiful quilts! Can you? I am so thankful for these gifts!!! Hours and hours of time were put into each one.

This one belongs to DD. Aunt Sherry digitized and appliqu├ęd this design. She even embroidered this symbol on each corner.

It is gorgeous. The pictures don’t really do it justice.

This beautiful quilt was made for Doodlebug. Although you can’t see it in the picture, each fan has fine lace on the edges and beautiful butterflies worked into the quilting pattern. DB’s quilt was delivered this weekend when several of my family members came to meet Doodlebug. Of course, they brought all kinds of other gifts, too. (And we wonder why our girls are so spoiled?) LOL

Aunt Muh brought the girls some cheerleading costumes. DD doesn’t want to take hers off. She wanted to wear it to play group this morning at McD’s.

Aunt Sherry and Uncle Al also brought a bubble machine! What fun!!!

Nanny brought gifts and a special book for DD. It’s a wonderful book that I’ll post about when I can do it justice.

Today was Doodlebug’s first play date! She didn’t participate much while the girls were playing, but she enjoyed the eating part immensely. LOL She ate her meal, as well as, part of DD’s.

Her favorite part was dipping French fries into caramel sauce…surely that’s not a common Chinese dish! (The girls are wearing special Big and Little Sister shirts that Aunt Sherry made, but you can't see them in the picture. I'll try to post pix later.)