Saturday, February 28, 2009


In the Adoption World we talk a lot about our “forever families.” Forever has a very special meaning for our girls because it means that they will never have to face the world ALONE again. SpicyGirl is one we like to refer to as a “forever friend.” She was one of the first good friends DD made after arriving in our country a few years ago. Their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart and they have spent many playdates together. The girls share many things in common including their birth country. Although SG moved away several months ago, we hope that the girls (and mommies) will always stay in touch.
(First hug!)
We were able to stop by the Spicy family's new Aunti Anne store yesterday while on a business trip with Daddy Darling. SG was very surprised to see the girls. MommySpice even took her out of school early so that we could surprise her.
We were pleased to hear that their new business is doing well, and we really enjoyed visiting with them.
The girls had a GREAT time. It was so nice seeing them play together like “old times.” I hope that they will always be special friends and will strive to keep a close relationship as they grow older.
It was hard to say good-bye, but we are already making plans to get together again this summer, hopefully with our entire group.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Frog and Toad have been good friends since at least 1974 when this book was written. Last week I think we learned the secret to their long-time friendship when we studied about frogs. Our theme was “ I use my tongue wisely.” Our discussion centered around knowing when to open our mouths and when to keep them shut…a good lesson for everyone in our family. Lol The girls tried to imitate using a frog's tongue to catch some cheerieos. They weren’t very successful in getting the cereal to stick. We’d have some awfully skinny frogs if their tongues didn’t work any better than the tape on the end of the party favors. lol
We also had a few frog races using the oragami frogs we made. It was fun until the competitive nature of both girls began to surface. Then we had to call it a tie. To ease the feeling of losing the frog race, we made some cute oreo/m&m frogs. A little chocolate goes a long way in healing hurt feelings.
We ended the week with a LATE Valentine’s Day party with our play group. DD and DB had both been sick with runny noses and coughing so I gave them a little benadryl before the party. I think I might have overdone it. LOL

This is how DD celebrated.
And this is Doodlebug shortly before she fell asleep leaving all of the guests to play by themselves. lol Although Desheng Darling missed out on most of the Valentine’s Day party, she definitely made up for it at the American Girl birthday party she attended Saturday. She had a great time! She is holding one of the party favors. (Yes, each girl received their very own new AG doll!)…This is Felicity. (Thank you, B-day girl's mommy.) The doll even attended school with DD this morning. lol

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Valuable Lesson

I wish you could have seen Daddy D’s face when Desheng Darling received this as a gift from Aunt Sherry! LOL
There’s just something about the combination of 2 giggly girls and 10,000 beads that makes him extremely nervous. LOL
Our theme this week in home school was Jewels. We studied a little about diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious jewels with an emphasis on the fact that Jesus is more valuable than anything. While Doodlebug was quite thrilled with her plastic jewels, Desheng Darling preferred a trip to the local jewelry store. Unfortunately, DD has been very sick this week with flu symptoms, so we have had to cut our schools days short without a field trip. Hopefully, she’ll be better soon and we can catch up next week.
Tomorrow the girls will be making jeweled crowns…This should be fun for my two princesses.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Chinese New Year is a very important holiday to the people of China. It is probably the most celebrated holiday that they have. It lasts 15 days and began on Jan. 26, 2009. Last week DD and DB studied about some of the traditional ways that the Chinese celebrate. They made lanterns, used Chinese symbols to write "Good Luck," and enjoyed a fun dinner with their Chinese friends.
We met at a very small Chinese restaurant for dinner with many of our Chinese friends. It was very casual and the girls had a great time.

Friday, February 06, 2009

What the Girls Have Been Doing...

It’s been awhile since I posted, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
DD’s birthday lasted for an entire WEEK. She celebrated with friends and family and enjoyed every minute of it.
I just can’t believe how fast she is growing up.
While DD was celebrating her birthday, Doodlebug was celebrating her sense of fashion…
Never mind that we haven’t had rain in weeks! LOL


The girls studied about rocks this week. They enjoyed looking at different kinds of rocks,
building a volcano, and making Stone Soup
Of course the main emphasis was on building our lives on the Rock, Jesus Christ, so we spent a lot of time singing “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock” which DB LOVED.

DD and DB went to Ally’s ballerina birthday party today. Ally gave the girls these costumes to wear.
They are just TuTu Cute!