Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She's Hooked...

Desheng Darling has come a long way since her first violin lesson 10 weeks ago. She’s really hooked on it. She practices almost every day and is progressing very well. She’s currently in the Beginner class, so she was really surprised when her teacher allowed her practice with the Intermediate group. She’ll actually be playing with the Intermediate group for a portion of the upcoming Christmas concert. Way to go DD!!!

Doodlebug? Well, she just likes to go to lessons. She enjoys the theory part of it….naming the notes and clapping the rhythms. She sees no need to really practice. After all, a violin as pretty and pink as hers should be able to play by itself.   I think we're in

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A First!

For the first time EVER...DD got a great dental check-up!  NO CAVITIES!!!!Although Desheng Darling refuses to eat gummy type candies, never chews gum or drinks sodas and brushes her teeth at least twice daily...even without being reminded....she's had a very tough time with her teeth.  The dentist even took a second look at the x-rays to confirm NO CAVITIES.

DB busied herself by playing with the giant toothbrush while DD was having her teeth cleaned.  It a shame that she doesn't enjoy brushing her own teeth this much.

Last Saturday, the Chopstick Chics met for lunch, then went to a park to play. We’ve really missed seeing the older girls since school started. I still can’t believe that all of the girls in our original group have started to school. It was great seeing Cheerleader and Snowbunny again.

I tried to get a group picture of ALL of the girls but…

Doodlebug refused to pose without Daddy D, and Desheng Darling was too busy playing “big sister” to the little ones to concentrate on making a good picture.

It was great seeing these three together again.

...Still as goofy as ever. Notice DD’s feet. She DOES have shoes. She just kicks them off every chance she gets….no matter where she is….at church, a restaurant, violin classes, a store…ANYWHERE!

Once last attempt for a group smile… Can you tell that Doodlebug has obviously had ENOUGH of this posing for pictures thing? lol