Monday, June 30, 2008


Doodlebug LOVES clothes! She doesn't care if they are new, or if they are DD's hand-me-downs. She was so excited when I let her put these fancy overalls on today. Aunt Sherry made these for DD when she was younger, and they are SOOOO Cute! The front says Shop ‘til You Drop and the back appropriately says, “Charge it to Daddy!”

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll!!

I guess you can tell what Doodlebug did on Thursday.

Here are 7 Words DB won’t hear me say for awhile…Get that hair out of your eyes! Lol
What is it with hair salons and bang trimming, anyway?

On Friday, our play group met at the bowling alley and the good times began!

This precious little girl is one of our newest play group members. The older girls think she’s just great, and she is! She didn’t bowl today, but it won’t be long before she is up running around with the rest of the girls.

This was the first time for DD and DB to bowl and we all had a great time!

It must have been Doodlebug’s lucky day! She bowled a strike and had the highest bowling score (93). DD bowled a couple of spares and that suited her just fine.

The girls also got to have lunch with their favorite guy, Daddy Darling!

Daddy D was busy working on his laptop at What-a- Burger when DB decided to just snuggle up to him. Could it be because he shared his french-fries with her? Or maybe she loves him so much because

he took the time to play Hi Ho! Cherry-O with her at home (…which she won 3 times in a row!) I told you it was her lucky day!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Week So Far...

The girls went to church Sunday wearing their new dresses. Thanks again, Santa Sandra! The dresses are really cute. DB came out of her class grinning from ear to ear, yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" She's really becoming a "Daddy's Girl."On Monday, the girls went to the library for the summer reading program. DD has now read over 100 books. She's actually already earned the circus ticket that she was working (reading) to get, but I haven't told her yet! The entertainment for the night was a magic show provided by Boopsie the Clown. Can you tell that DD really enjoyed it? Boopsie actually let all of the children pet the rabbit that magically appeared...poor little thing.

The weather was really nice, so after the program we walked down to a fishing pond close to the library. I love this picture. DD had told me earlier in the day that she loved having a little sister! It looks like little sister loves her too.
DD may love DB simply because she lets her dress her up. This is the way Desheng Darling dressed Doodlebug on Tuesday.
I guess it's a good thing we didn't have plans to go anywhere. LOL
After a short shopping trip on Wednesday to the "Teacher Store," ...
the girls took their babies for a stroll in the neighborhood,
and followed up with a trip through the sprinkler .
Doodlebug's shirt appropriately says, "I Do All of My Own Stunts."
Her knee, however, thinks that maybe she should consider hiring a stunt double. LOL
Wow, this just gets us through Wednesday. I wonder what the rest of the week will bring?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Princesses Don't Eat Seaweed!

Our own RED COUCH picture…
Well, the couch is actually brown, but this picture reminds me of the famous “red couch” picture taken at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou by practically every adoption travel group that stays there. These are the girls that were at our play group meeting today.
Notice that DB's shoes are on the "wrong feet."
Our 2 members currently living in China, GS and OS, were back in town for a visit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of them on the couch with the other girls. They are pictured below. We haven’t seen them in TWO YEARS! It was so nice to see them today.
Panda Girl and Spicy Girl who have recently moved to other cities were also with us today. To make it even better, we had three new friends join the group. It was great!!!! The girls had so much fun! Of course, Doodlebug has a good time just about anywhere she goes...notice the shoes again...They don't even match.

GS and OS brought dried seaweed for the group to try. I heard comments like, "Yuk" and "Gross." One even said, "You have to chew it up and spit on your plate. That's the way you eat it."
Then I overheard the best comment, “Don’t you know that princesses don’t eat seaweed?” LOL Well then, that just about says it all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Quiver is Full!

Behold, children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children born of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;
Psalm 127:3,4,5

What about the ones not born in his youth???? LOL
Well, they are little stinkers...oh, I mean BLESSINGS too!
We were so happy to have Brother Darling, Sister Darling and the two little Darlings with us for Father’s Day, along with Future SIL Darling who was nice enough to take our picture Sunday afternoon. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Darling. We love you… (even if you did change into your “play clothes” before the picture!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Girl Power Party and Other Magical Moments

Saturday marked the official end of the 2008 t-ball season. The girls celebrated with a party at Coach Jeremy’s house. The trophies were nice but...the swimming pool was definitely their favorite part!

No chance of DD going under. LOL!
DB spent some time in a smaller pool, but loved the big one too!
The girls went to the weekly reading program at the library Monday night and enjoyed the “Happy Birthday Books” Todd McKinney Magic Show. He was pretty impressive. This picture of him is not very flattering, but it was cute of DD and DB. In less than two weeks Desheng Darling has read over 80 books in the Summer Reading Program! There are no more Level 1 books for her to read, so she is reading the Level 2 books. Way to go DD!

She also informed me this morning that she had saved Muarl’s life.I was able to capture this picture of her climbing the tree to get the cat. She failed to mention that the cat had actually climbed the tree to get away from her. LOL

Yes, I know that these are winter pj’s, but she LOVES them. They have holes in the feet and are waaay too small, but every Superhero has her own costume, right?
I'm sure she would've done the same for Buck (if he had been lucky enough to get away from her LOL!)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Because You Asked...

I got a very special text message today from Sister Darling. It said,
“Dude, Mom, You’re slacking on the blog. How are my little sisters?” Well, my Darling first-born, your little sisters are as precious as ever…full of mischief and fun! The only thing that would make them happier would be to have you here to play with them.
Enjoy this week’s pictures.

Here’s Doodlebug just hanging out with her favorite guy Sunday afternoon.

After our cook-out Sunday night, the girls enjoyed a HUGE waffle cone full of ice cream….

Good from ANY angle!

On Monday, DD and DB met their friends for lunch at McD’s and then had a blast in the sprinklers at the new mall…Fun! Fun!
On Monday night the local library had a special performance by a World Champion Yo Yo Expert.The first 50 kids got a free YoYo. It was fun, but we soon learned that putting yoyos in the untrained hands of 2 and 5 yr. olds is not very smart. It can be quite painful. The girls let Brother Darling play with their yoyos when we got home. DD now refers to him as Master YoYo. (I think she means it as a compliment.)
DD had a dental appointment Wednesday . Yes, another crown. She now has 3…but this one is on the top, so it doesn’t really show.
DB is obviously thrilled that she’s not the one receiving the “royal” treatment.
Sister Darling, I’m so glad you asked…We love you.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Holy Roller

Doodlebug found her way into our room early this morning. This is by no means “unusual.” It’s actually a daily occurrence, but what made it different this morning was her attire!!!!
I’m not sure why she thought she needed a helmet…It’s Sunday. Our church services are contemporary, but definitely not so wild that she would need a helmet. LOL