Friday, June 06, 2008

Because You Asked...

I got a very special text message today from Sister Darling. It said,
“Dude, Mom, You’re slacking on the blog. How are my little sisters?” Well, my Darling first-born, your little sisters are as precious as ever…full of mischief and fun! The only thing that would make them happier would be to have you here to play with them.
Enjoy this week’s pictures.

Here’s Doodlebug just hanging out with her favorite guy Sunday afternoon.

After our cook-out Sunday night, the girls enjoyed a HUGE waffle cone full of ice cream….

Good from ANY angle!

On Monday, DD and DB met their friends for lunch at McD’s and then had a blast in the sprinklers at the new mall…Fun! Fun!
On Monday night the local library had a special performance by a World Champion Yo Yo Expert.The first 50 kids got a free YoYo. It was fun, but we soon learned that putting yoyos in the untrained hands of 2 and 5 yr. olds is not very smart. It can be quite painful. The girls let Brother Darling play with their yoyos when we got home. DD now refers to him as Master YoYo. (I think she means it as a compliment.)
DD had a dental appointment Wednesday . Yes, another crown. She now has 3…but this one is on the top, so it doesn’t really show.
DB is obviously thrilled that she’s not the one receiving the “royal” treatment.
Sister Darling, I’m so glad you asked…We love you.


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful....Life is so busy here, I look forward to reading the blog and check it everyday. We all thank you for the work you do to share your lives with us..we miss you so much!! The girls look so happy and are growing way to fast. Love you all, keep the pictures coming. Aunt Sherry

Anonymous said...

So glad Sister Darling asked for more pictures. I kept going to the blog to see if anything had been added. I agree with DB. Ice cream IS good from any angle. Love, Aunt Muhl

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sister Darling for "ragging" on Mother Darling for not posting! I check the blog every day and I was getting upset because there were no new pics! Daddy Darling looks like he is really "out of it" along with DB. Look forward to seeing this Thursday!!!!!!


ADELE said...

OH my word. They are soooooooooo cute!!! I love all of the pics. I love seeing them together. I know you all are having the time of your lives with those two precious girls. I love that pic with DB laying on her Daddy. Too sweet!