Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pinky Dinky-OUCH!

The girls have a Rainbow play set in the back yard where they spend a lot of time in creative play. Although most of their play involves princesses or kittens, there are times when they play Excavation Exploration. In other words, they just "dig in the dirt." The girl on the upper level lowers a plastic bucket by rope down to the one on the bottom level who fills it up with dirt and sends it back up. Last Friday there was a serious equipment malfunction…the rope slipped and DD dropped the bucket! Unfortunately, the bucket landed on Doodlebug’s little finger and here’s the result 3 DAYS LATER! Poor girl. After a few minutes of crying and a good nap, she never complained again. She even played "blast-ball" (miniature t-ball) the next day.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


(October 2007)
Doodlebug has always been a girl who loved her jewels! LOL
For the past few days she’s worn plastic “stick-on” earrings. Sometimes she managed to stick them on her earlobes, but at other times I found them just millimeters from the opening of her ear. I was so afraid that they might come loose and end up somewhere down in her ear canal.
DD and DB have both discussed getting their ears pierced. DB has always looked at it as a pretty “cool” thing to do, but DD has never really bought into the idea of having a hole punched in her earlobe no matter how shiny the stone. But today, they decided to do it "TOGETHER."
DD’s idea of “together” meant that Doodlebug would go first. She was so brave, and didn’t shed a tear.

Here’s DD observing the finished product…Just moments before informing us that she wasn’t the least bit interested in completing this group project. LOL

Sooooo…Doodlebug left the store on "Cloud 9," and DD left feeling very proud of Doodlebug, but completely comfortable with her "un-holy ears." LOL

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

At School with the Princesses

There are many things that I love about home schooling, but one of the best things is that there is NO dress code! If we want to have class in our pj’s, it’s o.k., and we sometimes do just that! This morning the girls decided that they wanted to dress like princesses.
They think they deserve to be treated like royalty anyway, so it really didn’t change the dynamics of our day. lol

This was actually our 100th day of school which is a BIG deal for kindergarteners. We’re a little late celebrating this since we usually have school 4 days per week rather than 5.... another good thing about home schooling. There are no minimum required days. I am also careful not to count days where I don’t feel that we’ve actually accomplished what I intended…due to interruptions, etc. So, today was the big 100. Here’s the princess counting out 100 M& M’s to go along with the 100 pretzels, 100 peanuts, 100 popcorn kernels and 100 raisins in our special trail mix.
Our topic this week is “Vegetables.” The theme is God Provides Everything We Need for Growth just as He provides sun, rain, soil, climate etc. for the growth of our crops. We started the week off with a visit to the produce section of the local grocery store.
This morning DD spent some time observing and categorizing the different types of vegetables we purchased.
I got the girls to eat several of the vegetables by letting them make their own vegetable pizzas tonight.
I had to let them add a little pepperoni, too.
But underneath all of this cheese are olives, green and yellow bell peppers, and mushrooms. DD even ate tomatoes today. Tomorrow she's going to try carrot & raisin salad. It’s amazing what you can get kids to do if you just tell them it’s part of their school lesson…well, at least when their young. Maybe I should present a lesson on the “blessings of keeping a clean house”….Hmmm. It might be worth a try. LOL