Friday, June 20, 2008

Princesses Don't Eat Seaweed!

Our own RED COUCH picture…
Well, the couch is actually brown, but this picture reminds me of the famous “red couch” picture taken at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou by practically every adoption travel group that stays there. These are the girls that were at our play group meeting today.
Notice that DB's shoes are on the "wrong feet."
Our 2 members currently living in China, GS and OS, were back in town for a visit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of them on the couch with the other girls. They are pictured below. We haven’t seen them in TWO YEARS! It was so nice to see them today.
Panda Girl and Spicy Girl who have recently moved to other cities were also with us today. To make it even better, we had three new friends join the group. It was great!!!! The girls had so much fun! Of course, Doodlebug has a good time just about anywhere she goes...notice the shoes again...They don't even match.

GS and OS brought dried seaweed for the group to try. I heard comments like, "Yuk" and "Gross." One even said, "You have to chew it up and spit on your plate. That's the way you eat it."
Then I overheard the best comment, “Don’t you know that princesses don’t eat seaweed?” LOL Well then, that just about says it all.


Panda-Mom said...

I did not hear the "seaweed" comment! LOL!!!!

Could you email me the couch pic on here. It is VERY clear and the girls are smiling. Mine is not very good at all. Thanks! ; )

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about the seaweed. However, with the way prices of land grown foods are rising, we might be smart to learn how to harvest and eat seaweed! Love the pictures, especially the one of DB all "dressed" up. It was good to see you and the girls Thursday. Love, Aunt Muhl