Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll!!

I guess you can tell what Doodlebug did on Thursday.

Here are 7 Words DB won’t hear me say for awhile…Get that hair out of your eyes! Lol
What is it with hair salons and bang trimming, anyway?

On Friday, our play group met at the bowling alley and the good times began!

This precious little girl is one of our newest play group members. The older girls think she’s just great, and she is! She didn’t bowl today, but it won’t be long before she is up running around with the rest of the girls.

This was the first time for DD and DB to bowl and we all had a great time!

It must have been Doodlebug’s lucky day! She bowled a strike and had the highest bowling score (93). DD bowled a couple of spares and that suited her just fine.

The girls also got to have lunch with their favorite guy, Daddy Darling!

Daddy D was busy working on his laptop at What-a- Burger when DB decided to just snuggle up to him. Could it be because he shared his french-fries with her? Or maybe she loves him so much because

he took the time to play Hi Ho! Cherry-O with her at home (…which she won 3 times in a row!) I told you it was her lucky day!

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Anonymous said...

Remember, it's just hair and it will grow! Congradulations DB on your great bowling score. I remember when I didn't score much higher than that! DD, picking up spares takes great skill. Good work. Love, Aunt Muhl