Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Valuable Lesson

I wish you could have seen Daddy D’s face when Desheng Darling received this as a gift from Aunt Sherry! LOL
There’s just something about the combination of 2 giggly girls and 10,000 beads that makes him extremely nervous. LOL
Our theme this week in home school was Jewels. We studied a little about diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious jewels with an emphasis on the fact that Jesus is more valuable than anything. While Doodlebug was quite thrilled with her plastic jewels, Desheng Darling preferred a trip to the local jewelry store. Unfortunately, DD has been very sick this week with flu symptoms, so we have had to cut our schools days short without a field trip. Hopefully, she’ll be better soon and we can catch up next week.
Tomorrow the girls will be making jeweled crowns…This should be fun for my two princesses.


Mommy Spice said...

Oh, poor D.D. I hope she's feeling better soon. I love their doggie shirts. S.G. would love one of those.

PandaMom said...

Awww...come on Daddy Darling...what's a little ol' 10,000 beads rolling around the house gonna hurt?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that DD has been ill. I hear that MD might have caught the bug from DD. Take care of yourselves. Love, Aunt Muhl