Monday, February 23, 2009


Frog and Toad have been good friends since at least 1974 when this book was written. Last week I think we learned the secret to their long-time friendship when we studied about frogs. Our theme was “ I use my tongue wisely.” Our discussion centered around knowing when to open our mouths and when to keep them shut…a good lesson for everyone in our family. Lol The girls tried to imitate using a frog's tongue to catch some cheerieos. They weren’t very successful in getting the cereal to stick. We’d have some awfully skinny frogs if their tongues didn’t work any better than the tape on the end of the party favors. lol
We also had a few frog races using the oragami frogs we made. It was fun until the competitive nature of both girls began to surface. Then we had to call it a tie. To ease the feeling of losing the frog race, we made some cute oreo/m&m frogs. A little chocolate goes a long way in healing hurt feelings.
We ended the week with a LATE Valentine’s Day party with our play group. DD and DB had both been sick with runny noses and coughing so I gave them a little benadryl before the party. I think I might have overdone it. LOL

This is how DD celebrated.
And this is Doodlebug shortly before she fell asleep leaving all of the guests to play by themselves. lol Although Desheng Darling missed out on most of the Valentine’s Day party, she definitely made up for it at the American Girl birthday party she attended Saturday. She had a great time! She is holding one of the party favors. (Yes, each girl received their very own new AG doll!)…This is Felicity. (Thank you, B-day girl's mommy.) The doll even attended school with DD this morning. lol


Debbie and Sam said...

I remember teaching that story when I taught school. When to hold your tongue is still a lesson I struggle with, especially today! DB is really changing! She is growing up!

Mama Ladybug said...

What a wonderful curriculum you have and what fun for the girls. And those snacks...yum!!

Hope the girls are better soon. We too have the yuck. Such is winter I guess.

Mommy Spice said...

I love seeing the activities y'all do for school. The oreo frogs look yummy!!

It was so GREAT seeing y'all today. Spicy Girl hasn't stopped talking about it. She's already drawn pictures for D.D. and D.B. We will definitely make some plans to get together this summer.