Monday, September 10, 2007


Can you tell by looking at their faces who’s enjoying the ride the most? I really think that Doodlebug will be our little daredevil when she finally gets adjusted, but right now, the riding mower is just not for her (although she really likes her hat and sunglasses.)

This sad picture is of the girls after being sent to bed against their will “more than once.” Desheng Darling is quietly looking through her books in her bed…albeit upside down in her bed. But Doodlebug is headed back to the toy box for more jewelry.

Looks like she’s got her loot and she’s headed back to bed…

Look at these beautiful quilts that Nanny Darling, Aunt Muh, and Aunt Sherry made for the girls. I can’t imagine them not wanting to go to bed and snuggle up under these beautiful quilts! Can you? I am so thankful for these gifts!!! Hours and hours of time were put into each one.

This one belongs to DD. Aunt Sherry digitized and appliquéd this design. She even embroidered this symbol on each corner.

It is gorgeous. The pictures don’t really do it justice.

This beautiful quilt was made for Doodlebug. Although you can’t see it in the picture, each fan has fine lace on the edges and beautiful butterflies worked into the quilting pattern. DB’s quilt was delivered this weekend when several of my family members came to meet Doodlebug. Of course, they brought all kinds of other gifts, too. (And we wonder why our girls are so spoiled?) LOL

Aunt Muh brought the girls some cheerleading costumes. DD doesn’t want to take hers off. She wanted to wear it to play group this morning at McD’s.

Aunt Sherry and Uncle Al also brought a bubble machine! What fun!!!

Nanny brought gifts and a special book for DD. It’s a wonderful book that I’ll post about when I can do it justice.

Today was Doodlebug’s first play date! She didn’t participate much while the girls were playing, but she enjoyed the eating part immensely. LOL She ate her meal, as well as, part of DD’s.

Her favorite part was dipping French fries into caramel sauce…surely that’s not a common Chinese dish! (The girls are wearing special Big and Little Sister shirts that Aunt Sherry made, but you can't see them in the picture. I'll try to post pix later.)


Anonymous said...

We loved seeing the family and meeting Doodlebug. I agree, she is going to be a real live wire! I can hardly wait for Christmas! By then she should be settling in and DD should be getting used to sharing her kingdom. What fun we will have with THREE little one for the holiday!!! Love you all. Aunt Muh

ADELE said...

Okay, those quilts are GORGEOUS!!! What a special gift! I loved this post! So many great pics on one post. Doodlebug looks like she is settling in just fine. I love the playdate picture. What a beautiful group of girls. How special that they will grow up with each other.
Great post!

Mommy Firecracker said...

What beautiful quilts!! You have a wonderful family, such blessings to each other.

So glad DB is doing well and it is so cute, the FF and carmel sauce. LMF dips FF into CFA BBQ sauce and the chicken into ketchup. Heaven forbid the FF touch the ketchup or vice versa.

We are off to Ladybugs today.

Desert Rats said...

Your mom, aunt and sister are fantastically talented! Thank you for posting their creations on the blog. WOW!!! It just makes us ache to be so far away -- we want to hug those girls so much. They could wear their cheerleader costumes to cousin O's football games and march with her in the band and could certainly cheer cousin V at her volleyball matches and don't you know that E would love some cheering from the baseball sidelines!! COME SEE US!!!!! xoxox from Tucson

Chelsie and Alan said...

Max has just starting eating meat, so far the only meat he will eat is chicken nuggets and fish sticks! (with some other stuff sneaked in!) She is such a cutie! Love the quilts! Glad she is doing well.

Chelsie and Max (my Tongling Prince)

Holly said...

Adorable photos! DD and Doodblebug are so cute together. And the quilts are beautiful.

Mommy Spice said...

I am soooo envious of those quilts. I remember seeing D.D.'s but now I want to see D.B.'s up close.

Debbie and Sam said...

Although DB didn't look happy on the riding mower, she did look content on Daddy's lap. That must have gotten better since our trip. Our little Empress is now a complete Daddy's girl which is not how we thought it was going to be while we were in China.

shelley said...

Those are the best quilts I have ever seen. Such a priceless gift. Love the cheerleading outfits, your family is precious

Mary said...

The quilts are FANTASTIC!!! What gifts!! They could make a fortune marketing those!! If they ever decide to open a quilt business, let me know! WOW

By the way, in each new sets of pictures you can see the calm slowly setting in on Doodlebugs face. It is amazing the transformation. She may not always be smiling, but you can watch the stress melt away.