Friday, September 14, 2007


I mentioned in an earlier post that Nanny Darling gave DD a very special book called The Story of God’s “Grace.” What I didn’t mention is that the book was actually written by my cousin, William Boyd Chisum, who is also a great musician, singer, and songwriter. I wanted to get permission from him before posting anything due to copyright issues, although I didn’t think he would actually mind.
DD loves this book! It comes with a CD that sings the story to her. She loves to sing along with and follow the words in the book. She just knows that Boyd is singing about her!In this book, God’s grace is personified in the form of a little girl (Grace) who is ever- present and just waiting to be accepted. The book gives several examples of how God’s grace is sufficient in every circumstance. It even has an example about a little girl in an orphanage waiting for her Forever Family. I don’t think you will be able to read it without crying both tears of sorrow and joy!

This is the chorus/theme that is repeated several times throughout the book. (the part that DD loves to sing):

God’s Grace, God’s Grace
Each day I long to see
What life brings to me
And with each and every problem that comes my way
I will face it, I will embrace it
With God’s “Grace.”

It’s a great book. I know it can be purchased on You might also want to visit his website http://www.williamboydchisum.comto learn how God has worked in his personal life and about his other books/concerts/movie plans, etc.

Interestingly, he is in the process of writing another book at this time called, “Where Grace Meets Hope.” I could probably fill him in on this one…perhaps from a different angle entirely. LOL


Anonymous said...

How nice of you to preview Boyd's book on your blog. Next Friday evening he will open for Ivan Parker(the gospel singer) at FBC in Hooks, TX. I look forward to his new book. I am sure that with time Grace and Hope will be meld as different parts of the same being. I pray that each will learn to love and share as time goes on. I pray for strength for MD until that time arrives! Love, Aunt Muh

Mommy Spice said...

That's awesome!! Bring the book to playgroup tomorrow....that is if we're meeting. Have you heard from anyone? Did he use those names on purpose? I"m going to go check it out now.