Friday, May 21, 2010

Lefties Just Give Me the Quills! LOL

In our American Girl study, Felicity (a colonist) attends a special school where girls are taught how to sew and write properly. Felicity met several challenges as an impatient spunky little girl, but I learned this week that teaching an impatient, spunky, little lefty comes with its own set of problems.
DD attempted to make her own sampler of stitches. We used plastic canvas to make it a little easier , but there were still a lot of knots to be undone. Lol
From sewing, we moved on to writing…with a QUILL pen! That was an experience!…First of all we had to transform the feathers into a quill pens. Then, the girls attempted to write.
I now have a better understanding of why lefties write upside down. Lol


Mrs. B said...

Ooooh, looks like fun. When teaching Miss B how to tie shoes, I had to tie like a lefty. There have been several things I've had to teach her the "lefty" way. Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

"Give me the quills"'re so funny!
Cousin Vic