Saturday, July 31, 2010

Doodlebug Turns Five!

As usual, DB has managed to spread her birthday celebration out over several days. Her actual birthday was on Friday, July 30th.
The celebration started with a trip to the donut store.
DB picked a pink donut with sprinkles on top and the clerk added a few extra donut holes just because it was her b-day! To top off the b-day breakfast, DD gave Doodlebug the ballerina Barbie that she had been wanting for some time.
Doodlebug even got a special gift from her hibiscus plant..TWO blooms in one day. Up until this day the plant has only yielded one flower at a time. She’s convinced her birthday made the difference.
On Saturday we enjoyed b-day cake with Ms. Billie and Sandra.   Since DB had asked for an ice skating party, I looked everywhere for ice skating birthday party decorations…They just don’t exist in our area in the middle of the summer. (Imagine that!) I was, however, able to find a 1998 Olympic Ice Skating Barbie on Amazon. It had never been taken out of the box. I used it on top of the cake…not exactly what I was planning, but Doodlebug was happy with it, so "mission accomplished."
DB has invited one little guest to go ice skating on Sunday afternoon. We will pick up a cookie cake from American Cookie Co. and celebrate again at the ice rink  which is right next to a carousel that Doodlebug absolutely LOVES.   It should be a lot of fun!


PandaMom said...

I can't believe it!!! What a blessing and a beauty! ; )

Mommy Spice said...

I can't believe she's 5! Where has the time gone??? They all just keep getting older and older...sigh...

C-A-M said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Doodlebug!! I can't believe our Tongling babies are 5!! And next Sat. we will have had Max for THREE years!! I hope she has a wonderful birthday week!!

Chelsie, Alan, and Max (your Tongling brother)