Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Doodlebug finally completed the celebration of her 5th birthday with a small party at the mall.
The girls started out with an ALL DAY pass to ride the carousel. I lost count of how many times they actually rode it, but I’ll say that we definitely got our money’s worth.
(DB and her friend, AR)

Next, we enjoyed a huge chocolate chip cookie cake. It was good, but oh SO rich!!! It was probably good that the girls rode the carousel BEFORE eating the cake.

After the cake, DB opened her gifts, all of which were very “girly.” Of course she loved everything! At this point, we sent Daddy D to the car with all the “stuff” and we headed to the ice skating rink.
Everyone is “booted up” and ready to hit the ice.
It was so nice having Sister Darling and her friend there to help.
At the end of the day, we had one HAPPY 5 year old birthday girl! We love you Doodlebug!


Debbie and Sam said...

Phil is not skating??

Mama Darling said...

No, he's the only one with any sense. lol Smart enough to know that you can get hurt when you can't skate any better than we can :)

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday DB!! I'm sure it was a memorable one!