Friday, August 27, 2010


In honor of DB’s 3-year Gotcha Day we made a special trip to NY to meet with our travel group.
We flew to Hartford CT, then drove the remainder of the way.
All the girls had arrived by noon on Friday. This was our first group picture. DD isn’t actually from the same province, but she’s been with the girls since we got them. These girls are very special to her too.
After lunch we loaded all the girls up and headed for the playground...precious cargo!
The playground just happened to be located right next to an indoor skating rink!
They had a blast playing in the ice left by the zamboni machine.
We ended the day at Hoffman’s Playland, an amusement park for small children.
These rides were PERFECT for the girls!
Then, on Saturday we were “off to the races.”
We actually went to the horse races, but we stopped by a beautiful place called Yaddo Gardens for these pictures.
Now, on to the horse races...
The girls were able to get a close view of some of the horses.
In between races, they had fun snacking at the picnic tables just outside the track.
We finished the day with a great cookout followed by s’mores!!!
The next morning we said "Good-bye" to 3 of our families
(Last group picture in hotel lobby)
... then headed up into the Adirondack Mountains for a little sight-seeing with our host family who are native to the area.

It was a very cool rainy day with temperatures in the low 60’s, quite different from anything we had seen in a long time.
Wading in Schroon Lake
Split Rock Waterfall..(picture just doesn't do it justice)
At Adirondack Reflections, a taxidermy shop in Keene, NY.
Two tired, but happy girls waiting to board the plane to return home where the temp. was 107 degrees.

We had a GREAT time! Our wonderful host family made sure we were well taken care of…good food, great accommodations and fun activities. Thank you SO MUCH Skip and Lynda for EVERYTHING!!!!


Debbie and Sam said...

It was so wonderful to see your family. We feel so lucky to have extended our family by so many thanks to the blessing of adoption.
I hope that we will all be blessed to continue to get together.

PS. Can I steal some of your pics. They are great.

PandaMom said...

Soooooo adorable!! Makes me think of our sweet White Swans and all the fun pics we took of the girls in coordinating outfits! ; )

Lori Michell said...

wow what a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing :) :)

Anonymous said...

Mama Darling,

I just love your photos! You actually got one of ALL the girls running before the fall, lol! I may snipe it from your blog if that's OK. We had such a great time visiting with everyone. Glad everyone got home safe and sound. We'll send a DVD of our photos when we get a moment after the back to school readiness around here. Miss Ya!