Friday, September 10, 2010

CO-OP Kids

The girls attended the first day of the 2010 home school co-op classes today.  The group meets every other Friday and provides an opportunity for DD and DB to meet new friends and enjoy fun classes.
Both girls are in the Folktales and Fables class.  I think they are going to really enjoy it.  The teacher always stresses good reading skills and includes a fun "hands-on" activitity.  DD also participated in a Creative Arts class.  Since she has her own way of being "super-creative," my hands were too busy to actually stop and take a picture.  I can only imagine what might have been glued together if I had taken my eyes off of her. lol  Since Doodlebug was too young to attend this class, she went to a Photo Phun class by herself and evidently did just fine :)  She is making her own scrapbook with her favorite photos.
Desheng Darling LOVED the P.E. class. She played a fun running game inside, then went out in the heat for a game of kickball.  Here she is with her team getting a pep talk before the game.
Doodlebug, on the other hand, decided that P.E. was just not appropriate for a princess.  It was too rough and too hot, so she enjoyed spending time in the "shade" with her new friend playing tic-tac-toe on my iphone.

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Kate-Lyn said...

Each one unique, each on equally special. Looks like a great program. Plus, it give MD a little time to catch her breathe I hoping!