Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Long Way to the Pumpkin Patch

It's been quite a while since my last post.  Here's what we've been doing.
Doodlebug is learning to read and doing well, but  it’s obvious that reading is not her FAVORITE thing to do, so we tried to entice her by downloading an ebook.  She really liked it, but after reading through it a couple of times, she went back to her Barbies and princesses.
We downloaded a book for DD too.  Of course, she loved it!  But DD would be willing to read a book written on a cardboard box.  She just LOVES to read.  She's actually one of those people who likes the way a book feels and smells and prefers that over digital media.
In DB’s lesson themed “I LIVE AND GROW IN JESUS,” the girls studied  plants and collected leaves.

This one was their favorite.
In order to get a better idea about how leaves grow, Doodlebug planted a bean plant. We tied this into DD’s study of the early pioneers, by letting her plant corn.

So, at this time we have  beans and corn growing INDOORS!

Along with our gardening, DB studied  transpiration

and did a little leaf artwork.

Followed by some "Yummy" cookies!

Doodlebug’s next lesson was themed "STAYING IN JESUS AND HAVING MUCH FRUIT. " Although it was actually about the fruits of the spirit, it used apples as a reference. She loved observing, comparing, and eating the different kinds of apples.

She especially enjoyed making applesauce!
Desheng Darling’s Bible lesson was on Jesus as THE BREAD OF LIFE.  We still haven’t gotten around to baking bread, but we bought some Jesus bread (as DD calls it) so that we could eat it with the  butter we learned to make while studying about the pilgrims from Holland. 
We didn’t have a churn to make the butter, but shaking it up and down in this little plastic jar worked pretty well.

The girls loved it!

Then, we took a field trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo.  It really had nothing to do with our curriculum, but it was Home School Day at the zoo, so we took advantage of the good price and took Daddy D with us.

We hurried home from the zoo for horseback riding.  The girls received a certificate for completing their first round of lessons.

More fun at co-op in their Storigami class…the girls made hats and three boats representing Columbus and the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

Last week Doodlebug studied about NESTS…"God takes good care of me just like he takes care of all his creation."
We made chocolate & peanut butter covered chow mein noodle "nests"

with marshmallow eggs.
Finally,  the Pumpkin Patch!
Last Friday we joined some friends from one of our home school play groups for a day of fun at Larken Farms!
Mega hay tractor

A hayride around the farm
A fun hay maze and
face painting
My two favorite pumpkins in the whole patch!

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Thanks for the update!!! We love catching up with you guys. Will we see you Thanksgiving? Cousin Vic