Sunday, July 20, 2008


Who wouldn’t if they had a step stool like one of these?? Aren’t they just too cute!!!
Santa Sandra made these for the girls. Actually, the white one was made for Doodlebug’s early birthday present

and the red one was made for DD, because sharing isn’t always easy.
We celebrated DB’s birthday early with SS. We won’t get to see her again until after the special day has already passed.
Santa Sandra and Ms. Billie also gave DB a beautiful card and birthday cupcakes,
along with several beautiful dresses and shoes.
Doodlebug couldn’t have been happier!! Can’t you just see it in her eyes(and in the pink frosting between her teeth?) She loves parties and she LOVES pretty things! She was still singing “Happy Birthday” to herself as she got ready for bed last night. Lol
And just think, she gets to do this all over again in a few days! I sure wish I still got this excited about birthdays…lol!

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Mommy Spice said...

I can't believe we're going to miss her birthday party. That makes me so sad. I remember last year when you had the cake sent to her orphanage and I thought, "Well, at least we'll get to celebrate with her next year." Who knew we'd be gone by then. I hope y'all have a really great time!!