Friday, July 18, 2008

From Movie Theater to Story-Time Theater and Beyond

Desheng Darling and Doodlebug started the week off with a trip to the movie theater with our play group to see Wall-E.
It was a cute movie, but DB just couldn’t sit still throughout the whole show. She began to whine and squirm. It soon became obvious that we weren’t going to pull this one off. Doodlebug was crying because she wanted to leave and DD was crying because she wanted to stay! What’s a mom to do????
Well, this mom handled it just like I do every other crisis…
Works miracles!!! LOL We stopped by Chic-Fil-A on the way home and both girls soon got over their trauma.
The girls moved from the movie theater to the Story Time Theater at our local library Monday night. The actors presented “The Story of Pecos Bill.” They LOVED it! Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead after I took the first picture.
We had a chance to meet with our play group again this week at a neighborhood pool. It was SO MUCH FUN! Doodlebug obviously enjoyed herself.

I think she would have stayed all day.
DD had a great time too! She even managed to catch a ride on a friend’s back.

Sorry you weren’t able to join us today SnowBunny, Cheerleader, and Baby M. We missed you. Maybe we can do it again soon!


Panda-Mom said...

So fun to catch up on all the latest with these two! ; )

Shaina said...

People should read this.