Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It’s Time for Someone Else to Speak Up!

Now it’s Doodlebug’s time to have a voice. She’s made GREAT strides since joining our family 11 months ago.
She has developed from a quiet, reserved, unemotional toddler to a very smart and spunky little girl who is quite animated and opinionated. Her only problem is that she can’t express her thoughts and opinions in “words.” You notice I didn’t say that she couldn’t express her opinions…she can and does…just not necessarily in intelligible speech.

So yesterday, I took DB to be evaluated by a speech-language pathologist. DD went with me…If anyone knows about speaking…DD does! She never stops! LOL
The speech-language pathologist fell in love with the girls. DB was very comfortable with her. Her testing showed that Doodlebug could benefit from weekly speech therapy, so hopefully, it won’t be long before DD has to take a breath and let DB fill in the quietness with some words of her own!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! So glad this will help. DB is so precious. Wishing her a very happy birthday too.

BTW, guess who wanted to start working on HOP again? WHEW. At least we are getting some use of it. We made it through Dan Ran before she wanted to stop.

Thanks for all your encouragement in the reading department.

LET'S GET TOGETHER AGAIN SOON! We can come to you. :-)


Debbie and Sam said...

Yeah! Not sure if it is coincidence but it sure has started to make a difference with Elizabeth. Even though I am a teacher by trade, it has also made me more aware of things I need to focus on on a weekly basis. We now get such a clear "I need help" I can hardly believe it.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations. DB. I'll bet you will be at the head of your class! I can hardly wait to be able to understand everything you say. The pictures are great, as usual. Love, Aunt Muhl

Jeff and Amy said...

Glad you posted, we are having a speech therapist come to the house on July 30th for Lily. The sad thing is they understand everything but just can't communicate back which in turn causes frustration.

Panda-Mom said...

Love the stools!!!! ; )

liasmomma said...

So glad to hear that you got a resolution on this and you know what direction you're heading. DB is just adorable!! I love all her fashion statements.