Monday, December 17, 2007


Go to the play group Christmas party!!!! We all had a wonderful time today at our 3rd annual Chopstick Chics Christmas party. (Doodlebug’s first!) Thank you Ski Patrol for offering your home to us.
First we tried to take some group pictures of the girls in their pretty Christmas dresses.

Next, a photo with the mommies...! Then for some unknown reason, we thought it would be nice to make a video of the girls singing a Christmas song. I was definitely not prepared for DD’s choreography! I was able to post this still shot but unfortunately, I couldn't get the video to upload, I'm going to continue to work on it and try to post it here:

Next, the girls exchanged gifts. Doodlebug liked this part the best!!!

Then, the girls traded their “dressy” dresses for comfortable clothes and enjoyed their lunch together.

After lunch it was time for a different type of dress up group picture. Too cute! LoL


Mommy Spice said...

I can't wait to get my pictures up. I'll do it tomorrow, as I already had plans for today's post. Don't worry...I'll post the Jingle Bells song. I had to show D.S. the video last night. He is just crazy about Desheng Darling. We were both cracking up!!

Chelsie, Alan, and Max said...

How cute! I just realized that the picture you have of DB on the side, the one with the black and white sweater, with the fur on the collar, Max's passport photo is in that same sweater! Funny hu.

Chelsie and Max

Olivia said...

Those pictures are so sweet! Looks like a great time! Sorry its been awhile since I've been able to stop by!

new blog

have a good one!

Julie said...

I love it! The Chopstick Chics party looked great. How fun - and they were all dressed up so darling for the holiday. Merry Christmas to your family!