Friday, December 28, 2007


OK, maybe it was only 5 days of Christmas, but we’re exhausted after celebrating Christmas with our friends and family. It started last Friday when the Desert Rats flew in from Arizona and spent Fri. night and Sat. with us. This was their first encounter with Doodlebug. She seemed to warm-up to them right away. Wow, it was like having 3 live-in babysitters!!! It was great!
They played outside...
They painted...
And practiced new poses for the camera. LOL
We celebrated our family Christmas on Sunday night. We always celebrate early because we traditionally travel to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with grandparents.
DD and DB loved the chocolate fountain I gave myself for Christmas. Sister Darling seemed to enjoy it too, and she doesn’t even like chocolate!

The girls got many nice things including a Smart Cycle that Santa brought for them. Santa always leaves our special gift at the front door because our chimney is much too small for him. Each year he forgets his hat, just so that DD knows that the gift is from him. We always pretend to mail it back to the North Pole. So, if you were worried why Santa was missing his hat when he stopped at your house, now you know where he left it. LOL
Christmas Eve was spent with Nanny Darling. Since I was a small child, we have celebrated Christmas Eve with aunts, uncles, and cousins! Even after I married and moved several hours away, we still managed to make it “home” for Christmas Eve…except for the year that Brother Darling was born on Christmas Eve. I just couldn’t pull that one off. LOL I am so proud of our two older children who still manage to make this trip every year even though they have jobs and lives of their own.

Uncle Frank knew just what DB wanted!

New PJs from Aunt Sherry! On to PawPaw’s for Christmas Day where we spent the day with more cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is a picture of PawPaw and all of his grandchildren.
Well, when I started this blog posting two days ago, I really thought it might be just 5 days of Christmas. Then, it became obvious that we had come home with more than just gifts...We also brought home a stomach virus. So, by the time it works its way through all of us, it may actually be 12 DAYS!!!!! LOL This is DD and DB’s cousin who we think may have so graciously shared the virus. He’s SO CUTE, how could we stay away from him????? We just couldn’t!

Oh well, virus or not, we had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you all did too!


Anonymous said...

It was indeed a great Christmas though we did miss Uncle Frank and Aunt Lois since he was in the hospital. We always love having the family together---even the tug of war that sometimes happens. I, too, love that little blue eyed stinker, but I wish he had kept his virus to himself. This is my second day of feeling lousy. Love him anyway. Aunt Muh

Desert Rats said...

We are worn out, too --- and sick...but ours is more of the head cold version. Cousin E and Auntie both have it....everyone else is fine so far, and hopefully Cousin O will stay that way, since she's headed back out of town tonight! Thanks for a GREAT, FUN, CRAZY time at your home. You were so good to us and we love our newest Doodle!! :) We loved seeing you all again at Pawpaw's on Christmas day....our whole whirlwind trip was fabulous from start to finish!!! LOVE YOU ALL and thanks again for everything!!! xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

That little blue eyed stinker, was in the ER tonight,still vomiting. I have given 4 doses of Phenergan in just 24 hours to 4 different family members. Doc's say it is a gastrointestinal "bug" and will run it's so to speak. So sorry DD, DB and family. Hope we are all feeling better by next Such a wonderful Christmas, so glad all your family could come this year. We love you all, Aunt Sherry

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, Sister Darling doesn't like chocolate?!!! I've only met one other person in my lifetime that doesn't like chocolate...more specifically, another girl who doesn't like chocolate. Wow, lucky girl. My thighs would be a lot smaller if I didn't LOVE chocolate so much!!