Saturday, December 08, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sister Darling!

Today, Sister Darling celebrated her 24th birthday. I can’t believe it’s actually been 24 years since we were blessed with our first child. The time has really flown by. There are some things in life that you forget no matter how hard you try to remember, but I hope that I never forget the feeling I felt when I first looked into her beautiful eyes. It was incredible! She was the most beautiful baby that I had ever seen, and I felt as if I had known her forever. I couldn't have been happier. She’s all grown up now and living on her own. I really miss having her at home, but I know that’s all just part of life. I guess it makes it more special each time we get to see her.

Having a child of my own really helped me to understand "in my own shallow way" the depth of God’s love for us. Actually, it just made His love more amazing to me. I remember thinking that there was no way that I would be willing to let my child die for the sins of others…NO WAY! That would have taken more love than I could imagine. But that’s exactly what God did for us through his son, Jesus Christ. I guess it’s a good thing that it wasn’t up to me, huh?



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to Sister Darling. I still remember what a joy she was to the entire family. Isn't it great how we tend to remember only the beautiful things about those we love. Happy belated birthday wishes to Sister Darling and early wishes to Brother Darling, our Christmas child. Love, Aunt Muh

Desert Rats said...

We're so fortunate to have such gooooood lookin' nieces and nephews!!! :) Hope Sister D had a good celebration! Can't wait to see you all very, very soon! xoxo

Sophie's Mom said...

What a lovely post. They grow so fast. I can't believe my oldest is in high school now, and it won't be long and she'll be 24! :(

Mommy Firecracker said...

Happy Birthday SD!

Thanks for your emails btw.

I am behind on your blog since my sister fell and broke her arms, so I caught up this morning. Anhui girls love their musical instruments and concerts.

I love all the pictures, they are so, so precious. You could not have picked a better alter ego for your blog when you named yourselves the Darling family. It just fits you perfectly.

Prayers for a healthy Christmas season!

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, that almost brought tears over here. What a beautiful birthday post. I can't believe you're the mother of a 24 year old. You are a blessed woman to have your 4 beautiful children!!