Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's been SO LONG since I've posted that I hardly know where to start.  We have been super busy over the past 4 months.  Below are pictures of some of things that we've been doing.
In March...
 The girls enjoyed several science activities like using red cabbage to test for acids
and building water molecule models out of red and green grapes.
Raising ladybugs ...
and butterflies from the larvae stages was also fun.
Doodlebug showed off her carpentry skills by building a  mini-house in one of her co-op classes while
DeSheng Darling demonstrated her musical skills by performing a solo on a stage in front of an audience...didn't miss a note!
Doodlebug joined a few of her friends for a field trip to the fire station.
I think this was her favorite part! YIKES!
Of course, the whole month wasn't filled with school.  The girls still found time for birthday parties...
Playing "dress-up"

and our annual visit to the bluebonnet patch.
March was a great month.  I hope to post pictures of April tomorrow.

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Kate-Lyn said...

You're back! SO glad to hear all is well. What busy girls...what a busy Mama! Keep those pictures coming :)