Sunday, June 26, 2011


After watching the butterflies and ladybugs change from larvae to full grown insects, it was time to release them back into nature.  DD and DB enjoyed this part as much as watching them go through the stages of their lives.
This year, we tried our hand at gardening.  Here's a picture of our garden.  Yes, this is the ENTIRE garden-- 4'x4'.  Look closely because this was about as good as it got.  

We managed to get a few strawberries...
and our tomatoes are producing....
(fast forward to June)
Almost everything else is just barely hanging in there.  I guess it's just too hot. It's a good thing we weren't actually depending on this garden to feed us.  Our thumbs are "anything but green."
Now, it's time to move on to some things that brought us a little more success....Science
working with magnets and...
Art-working with acrylics and 3D structures.
A little Theater Arts ...playing the part of a flower in a play and
doing a little square dancing with friends
And what would a month be like without going to a friend's birthday party????
A tea-party birthday none the less--Doodlebug's favorite!!!
The girls also enjoyed spending Easter with extended family.
Check out these adorable bunny shirts made by Aunt Sherry!
  The rest of the month was just spent being CUTE!

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Debbie and Sam said...

I can't believe how grown up the girls look. It is quite dramatic over the last few months. Nice to see them again!