Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

DD tried to stay awake to welcome in the new year, but just couldn't do it. Uncle Mark told her that if she fell asleep before midnight that she would turn into a FROG.  She was obviously not too concerned.    Doodlebug, however,  made it until the final countdown.  She's just not the ribbiting kind. LOL


Anonymous said...

this message is for G...We received the presents and love them! You chose the perfect color for the pot holder and Curt especially liked the barbie package under the tree on his card.Thank you for remembering us!
Love, Prince and Princess A

Mommy Spice said...

Oh my. We all did our "cheers" at 9:30 and put S.G. to bed. We were all just sick during the holidays.

Yes, S.G.'s bday is tomorrow!! You'd think the girl was turning 13 with her sassy self. Ugh! We are having some of the girls from her class over on Saturday for her party. My favorite parties are the ones we spent with you gals though!

liasmomma said...

The new blog make over looks great!! And how cute is your cat curled up with DD!