Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Days

December is almost over and this is my FIRST post!  I've got to do better! 
Every year Desheng Darling and Doodlebug decorate a small tree in honor of the children in China who are still waiting on their "forever families" and may not get to celebrate Christmas.
   They always have a great time doing it!
Doodlebug decided that it needed just a little more decorating, so she added a crown to the top----the more EXTRAVAGANT, the better! 

The girls (including Sister Darling) and I had fun making these reindeer cupcakes
  for our play group Christmas party.
 DD and DB at the party with some of their home school play group friends...
 They enjoyed a few games of musical chairs,
 having snowball races, and
  playing Chubby Bunny with marshmallows!
 We've made a few Christmas crafts this month,
 attended a few office Christmas parties and...
 had a picture made with Santa who
allowed the girls to pick ANY toy they wanted out of his bag!
 Last night we enjoyed Christmas at our house.Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be spent with grandparents, so we  had our family celebration a few days early. 
We made Christmas cookies...
 had a concert of Christmas music performed by DD and directed by DB...
   opened GIFTS!!!!

and ATTEMPTED to make a family picture! LOL  It's been a great month so far!

1 comment:

liasmomma said...

Don't think of it as being late....think of it as saving the best for last :-)

Lia and I saw those cookies in the Family Fun magazine and wanted to make them but didn't get around to it. Plus I'd have to find gluten free vanilla wafers to go along with the gluten free pretzels :-(

Loved the idea of decorating a tree for the kids in China who are still waiting. I think maybe we'll try to do that next year.

Hope you had a wonderful day!!