Thursday, February 04, 2010

When I Grow Up...

Last night was Career Night at AWANAS.  The girls were supposed to wear the appropriate attire  for their desired future career.  Desheng Darling couldn't decide whether she wanted to be a nanny who rocked babies in an orphanage or a violin teacher. Interestingly, these are both service type careers where she is helping others.  We decided that she could rock babies in any attire, but that she could wear her favorite "school girl" dress and play her violin for the class if she went as a teacher, so she decided to do this.
Doodlebug had the same assignment. It should come as no surprise that she wants to be a "princess" when she grows up!  So much for serving others. LOL
It's a good thing we've got several years to make all of this happen, and I'm sure they'll change their minds a million times.   I've read that a child's personality is mostly developed by the age of 4, so if you see a nice prince around 5 years old who is single...let me know.  We may need to start preparing him NOW for Doodlebug. LOL


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! They are both soooo cute. I believe I recognize that as the dress Cousin Matt gave DB for Christmas one year, isn't it? Whatever their dreams are for the future, I am sure that they will be successful. Love, Aunt Muhl

Anonymous said...
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