Monday, February 22, 2010

Gotta LOVE the Texas Weather!

I can’t believe that it’s taken me over a week to post these pictures of our BIG snow. Last Thursday when the girls got up, it was snowing!!! The girls were so excited! That’s when I made the decision to CANCEL school for the day. That’s another good thing about home schooling----I get to play superintendent!
The girls couldn’t wait to get outside and start having fun.
Building a snowman…
Making snow angels....

And having snowball fights!
Thawing out with a nice cup of hot cocoa...

Unfortunately, that’s the last warm thing the girls had. Our electricity went out Thursday night and we “roughed it” for about 48 hours.
Backyard-Thursday night
Friday afternoon
No lights, no television, no computers, and NO HEAT! We all slept in the same bed and did a lot of snuggling for two nights. By Saturday night the girls had decided that they were heading to a hotel if our power wasn’t restored by bedtime! They were tired of being cold and ready for a warm meal. I’ve never been so glad to see an electric company truck in my entire life. They fixed the problem and we were “back in business.” I remember looking at the thermostat about ½ hour after our electricity came back on. 58 degrees never felt SO warm!  We still had snow on the ground in some areas YESTERDAY!
Amazingly, I made these pictures yesterday. With temperatures close to 70 degrees, Doodlebug played outside in summer clothes…that she obviously picked out herself. lol
Snow is in the forecast again for tomorrow!  Gotta love this Texas weather!


Debbie and Sam said...

What a treat for the girls!!!! I love the big smile on DB face.

Anonymous said...

We missed Tues. snow,but I hear there might be more.The girls look like they were having a real good time.Can you remember what a treat it was? Love You All,Nanny

PandaMom said...

So crazy this place we live!!! ; ) The girls are darling as always, but I think my favorite pic is all that snow on the playset!!! ; )