Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Pictures 2009

Today our play group met for our annual pumpkin patch pictures.  The plans were to make a few great pictures, buy some pumpkins, and paint them at the park....Well, it didn't really happen that way.  It was much colder than we expected and the kids were obviously not thrilled about having a picture made. DD actually cried and went to the car to read her books. 

Since it was too cold to go to the park, we went to McD's ....Instant happiness!

No more tears!

We saved the pumpkin painting for a little later in the afternoon...
Everything's more fun after a little ice cream. lol

...Artists at work...

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Anonymous said...

The old adage about "the best laid plans of mice and men" really fit your situation this day, didn/t it? Thank goodness for Mickie Dee's!