Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gotcha Day 2009-Desheng Darling


On October 25, 2004 our lives were forever changed.

Desheng Darling joined our family. We had NO clue what blessings lay in store for us.
Today we happily celebrated our 5 Year Gotcha Day Anniversary!

We traditionally add a charm to her bracelet each year. This year, she wanted two…a violin and a bookworm. These are so fitting for her!

Her next request was to go to Barnes & Noble for a new book. She’s learned that we never say “no” to a new book, so she makes a point to ask for one if we are anywhere near a book store.

She just made herself at home…

Then, she requested a trip to the Disney store. We DO say “no” to toys quite often

…but today we gave in and bought a pair of Cinderella glass slippers that actually light up when she takes a step. Well, you would have thought the shoes were really made of glass by the way the girls were limping. Lol.... Oh, the pain a woman will endure for a pair of pretty shoes…
Then it was off to her favorite restaurant, Moon Wok.

It’s a small Chinese place where she gets lots of attention and great eggdrop soup. She enjoys practicing her Mandarin with the people who work there. It’s really quite humorous to hear her try to speak Chinese with her heavy accent, but the people are kind and really work with her.

We completed the day by baking a chocolate cake  with a pink heart (her request) to commemorate her special day.

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY DD! You are a joy and we love you more than words can say!!!!!!


liasmomma said...

Congratulations to DD and your whole family!!!!!! I know what a special day it is. I'll try to e-mail you soon and we can catch up on school stuff. I have a crazy busy week this week so hopefully next week I can do it. So glad you guys had such a special time celebrating such a special day!


Debbie and Sam said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day!

Kate-Lyn said...

Happy Gotcha Day DD and family! I love the charm bracelet idea. Miss Grace's Aunty Ess started this tradition for her first Christmas, marking a special event of that year for her.

I so enjoy seeing the photos of both girls, what would we do without our blogs?!

BTW, our visit to Santa was not to begin the Christmas season (as in the mall visits). This is an amusement park (ish) where you can go all year round. This is Santa's real home. Elves, toymakers, reindeer, the whole works. I went there as a child and now all the kids have made their visit too. They actually act out the Nativity Scene, say prayers, sing Christmas Carols and make no apologies or worry about political correctness. How refreshing! Perhaps this could be one of our excursions for our reunion?

Congratulations again to you all!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on a 5th Gottcha Day! How could we have ever thought you were crazy when you talked about starting over with a small child? Just goes to show how little we know. God's miracles never cease! Love you all. Aunt Muhl

Marisa said...

Happy Gotcha Day DD!

Mommy Spice said...

Happy Gotcha Day D.D.! Seeing these pictures really made me homesick for y'all!!

We celebrate Spicy Girl's Gotcha Day next Tuesday. We're taking the day off from school and playing!!

Love you guys and miss ya!!