Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Prefer the Silly Ones

For the last few weeks, DD has been talking about a little boy named Micah. (Micah had this.... Micah did that..etc.) She pointed him out to us at the fall festival and just giggled. She really thinks this Micah is something. He really is quite hair, freckles and all! Anyway, this morning while getting ready for church, DD said,"I'm going to look so pretty that Micah won't even know who I am." lol She was wearing a new dress that Santa Sandra bought for her. When I asked her to pose for a picture, this is what I got...(Hmmm...I'm not sure I like it.)
Then they started acting Silly.But then, this sulky look (DB) is what I got after scolding them for acting silly. So, if I have to choose between sexy, silly, or sulky, I prefer the silly ones hands down!
P.S. I asked DD after church if Micah recognized her in her pretty dress. She just informed me that Micah didn't like girls who talked too much. I guess that means he wasn't impressed by it. lol


Debbie and Sam said...

They are always so quick to learn the things you would rather them not no. I doubt you are running around the house in the sexy pose.

PS. How is Sister Darling wedding plans coming. We haven't heard news of that lately.

Miss Scarlett said...

They look edible!!! ; ) Like Mike & Ike candies!! Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!! Think of y'all often. ; )