Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Goats Were a No-Show

Well, our topic in school this week was “Goats.” The lessons discussed how the high priest offered goats as sacrifices in the Old Testament to cover the sins of the people, and how that practice is no longer necessary since Jesus came, died and served as the sacrifice for our sins.
Since I know very little about goats, we checked out several books and watched a National Geographic for Kids video. We were also able to “donate a goat” to a family in Asia through
http://gfa.org/gift. DD really thought this was a neat idea. Of course, she wouldn’t mind having a goat in her own backyard as a pet, but we’re not going there. We plan to buy some goat milk for her to taste today. That should be interesting. We also made a special trip to the zoo to get a “close-up” look at these creatures in the “petting zoo.”Unfortunately, there were NO goats to pet. I couldn’t believe it…a petting zoo without goats??? Impossible. But, that’s the way it was.

As you can see, the girls had a good time anyway.

Sharing a home with a dwarf mongoose...
And actually touching the birds.

Only Daddy D would kiss a raccoon statue…He’s crazy, but we’re glad he went with us...After all, he's just a big "kid" anyway.

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Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

I love those pix!!!! So cute!!