Sunday, April 27, 2008

Please Pray for Hannah-NEW UPDATE

April 29
Here is the latest update on little Hannah.
Hannah is hanging in there! She has such a peaceful angelic appearance about her. There is an important medical team and family meeting planned for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. We hopefully will have more news to report from them. Until then the family is so thankful and supported by all of your wonderful thoughts, prayers and messages of hope. KEEP THEM COMING!
If you would like to send this family a message and keep up with Hannah's progress all you have to do is go to You will need to sign in and look for Hannah's carepage. Type in "hannahgracehower" (all lowercase and one word). I know that this family would really appreciate your prayers.
April 28
Hannah Update: The MRI did not show the results that the family had been longing for. They HAVE NOT given up hope and ask for your continued prayer for Hannah and her parents.

A blogger friend of mine (who has a 5 yr old daughter from China) recently sent me a prayer request. I believe strongly in the power of prayer, so I would like to share this with you and ask you to pray too.

A little girl named Hannah (approximately 5 yrs. old) and a neighborhood friend were playing on Hannah’s swing set. Hannah was standing on her swing twisting around when her feet slipped off. She basically had her neck caught in the swing rope and it was strangling her. The other little girl ran to get Hannah's mom who was just around the corner in the front part of the yard. Luckily Hannah's mom knew CPR. She dialed 911 and started doing CPR. At the time, Hannah was not breathing and she had no pulse. A neighbor lady came over and began to pray over Hannah. The firemen were able to get a pulse again and she began to breathe. She's been in the ICU since Wed. in a medicated coma. This weekend they began to bring her out of the coma and they are taking her off the blood pressure medication. They did an MRI on Hannah tonight and are waiting to hear the results.
This family needs your prayers. Please pray for Hannah’s complete healing. Please pray that God will make Himself known to this family and that they will realize how much He loves them. God is already doing some amazing things. May He be glorified in this situation and continue to work as only He can.


Mommy Spice said...

Oh how awful. Please keep us posted on this little one. I will keep her in my prayers.

Panda-Mom said...

I have prayed for healing and for the parents, too.

I just wanna SQUEEZE your girls!!! Tell them the PandaFam said hi and we miss them! ; )