Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go-Gurt and Giggles Galore!

Snow Bunny celebrated her birthday this week at Chic-Fil-A. We first met her when she was about 11 months old. It just doesn’t seem possible that she could already be 4 yrs old. Wow, how times flies! The girls really had a great time, but they still haven’t learned that it only takes ONE person to open a gift. LOL
The girls obviously enjoy birthday parties with cake and ice cream…but they would do almost anything for Go-Gurt Yogurt! They LOVE it…especially when I freeze it.Since DB doesn’t really like milk, the yogurt provides some of the calcium she needs each day. And besides... it makes them giggle!
The girls have also shared a few giggles through a little art work and exercise this week.In a time when gas prices are outrageous, food is being rationed, faith in God is being challenged, and the stock market is taking a daily plunge…wouldn’t it be nice to just Giggle with some Go-Gurt and enjoy life?…Oh, to be a kid again!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Keep up the good work. Love, Aunt Muhl

Mommy Spice said...

We love the frozen Go-Gurt too. I love that S.G. sees it as a dessert. D.B.'s hair looks soooo cute in those piggy tails.

CAM said...

Yeah for Go-Gurt! Max loves the drinkable yogart, it is very close to what he loved in China. He likes milk though, so, its not as an important part of his day. Love the pics, the girls look like they are having a great time!

Chelsie and Max