Friday, April 04, 2008

Not Much

Not much to blog about this week, but here are a few cute pictures I took. This picture was made Sunday after church. Santa Sandra bought these dresses for the girls. They came with matching dresses for their dolls. Too cute. DB’s doll also attended services.

After church we took the girls to the park .

They played on the playground equipment for a little while, then took a short walk down the nature trail where they learned a little about spring weeds and hard sidewalks. Poor DB fell and scraped both of her knees. Of course, a trip to McDonald’s for ice cream made them feel much better.
I took this picture before taking the girls to meet with their play group Monday. Don’t they look cute in their new capri outfits?
Desheng Darling had another t-ball game on Tuesday. It was very similar to her last game. The only difference was that instead of just drawing circles in the sand, she decided to draw a circle and STAY in it. She refused to leave the circle regardless of how close the ball came to her. Needless to say, she was of very little benefit to her team unless, of course, the ball rolled into her circle. Now batting was another story. She immediately put on her helmet, picked up a bat, and headed for the batter’s box…Never mind that it wasn’t actually her turn. She was 6th on the list to bat!!!!
DD’s presence was well known at practice Wed. night. I’ll bet the coach called her name 100 times! If he said to stand behind him, she stood in front of him. If he said to go to the front of the line, she went to the back. If he said to go in to bat, she went out to the field…Get the picture? This child lives in her own little world:) She has another game tomorrow morning…It should be quite interesting.


ADELE said...

I love the matching outfits!!! So precious! I just love seeing these two sweet sisters together. I can't wait to dress Mallory and her mei mei alike.
Glad yall had a fun day at the park. I love all of the pics.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you have pictures of these little princesses, it is not to be titled "not much". We love seeing every aspect of their lives. We miss so much by being so far away. Love, Aunt Muh

Mommy Spice said...

I love those dresses!!

The t-ball game sounds like a hoot!! I remember when S.G. did soccer last spring. Sounds like a lot of the same....skills. LOL!!

Mama Ladybug said...

Too funny, our girls have the same outfits, AGAIN! LL's was a gift from her aunt also. I love these coincidences. Now if we could just get them all together, sigh... Perhaps one day it will work out, I miss you all. Thanks for sending the cute photo. I always save them in a special folder so I can print them for LL's scrapbook. One day she will realize how special these far away friends really are!

Laura O said...

Well nevermind the girls in those pictures--look at my HOT aunt in that one picture by the pond..Holy Cow! you look young! hahaha Really good pic of you and the girls. I've started blogging a lot more so come and check on me every now and then. Maybe we can have dinner with yall Saturday night when dad's in town, we'll keep in touch. Love you! Send hugs and love.