Monday, March 31, 2008


Desheng Darling played in her first real T-Ball game on Saturday.
My words can’t do justice to their performance. The pictures don’t even tell the whole story, but maybe they will give you a clue to how the game went.

The girls were so funny! Our first baseman made a special effort to stand back away from the base and directed the opposing runner to the base. DD even cheered for the opposing team when they scored a run. Now that’s being a good sport, isn’t it?

DD has convinced her coach that she must have a line drawn in the sand to stand on. So, each time before she bats, he escorts her to the plate and carefully draws a line just for her. He’s really nice and she’s really spoiled! Here’s a picture of Desheng Darling “singing” as she waits to run to 3rd base. DD spent a lot of time drawing circles in the sand...Leaning on the coach and being "redirected." At one time, I counted 5 of our girls playing in the sand while the other team was batting!

I guess all that singing, drawing, cheering and dirt-work paid off.
Girl Power tied their first game and won their second.



Panda-Mom said...

Oh my Goshhhhhhhh! So incredibly adorable! ; )

Anonymous said...

I am so so sorry I missed the games. I should have come out on Saturday. I haven't laughed so much in quite a while. I seem to remember Brother Darling playing in the dirt quite a bit at his games too.


Anonymous said...

Way to go DD!! And you look marvelous in your very chic uniform.

Hugs from the north!

Beth and Grace

Ethan said...

Good job, DD!!! I am playing baseball, too. Have fun playing! I love you.

Mommy Spice said...

Girl Power!!! Way to go girls!! I love watching kids at this age "play" sports!!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute. Brings back memories of David wearing his glove on his head and sifting sand through his cap while he was playing the outfield. Don't blink.
Thanks for sharing your lives with us.We miss you. Love you all, Aunt Sherry

ADELE said...

Oh could she be any cuter???I love her little uniform. She looks so pretty. I also love love love the outfits you got at the chocolate sale. Very hip!!!
Have a great weekend!

Renee said...

Soooo cute! How come we didn't get to wear pink softball uniform shirts back waaay back when we were kids? Love it!
Sweet blessings!
Renee and the ATH clan