Thursday, March 06, 2008

T-Ball Twosome

Yesterday, we made a special trip to a sporting goods store about 35 miles away to buy DD a glove and a practice T-ball stand. Of course, DB had to have one, too. After checking with 4 stores, we finally found a (pink, blue & purple) glove for a “little lefty.” She was excited, but not nearly as excited as Doodlebug! Oh my! She obviously saw more than I thought at DD’s practice. As soon as we got the stand set up, DB picked up the bat, hit the ball, and took off running! It was so funny. She seemed to know exactly what to do.
Of course we do have a few concerns. Notice where DD’s bat is headed…so glad it’s plastic. LOL Otherwise, we might have a few bruises, black-eyes and missing teeth to contend with.
Well, I guess there were a few things that Doodlebug obviously missed at practice like…
which end of the glove to use. LOL I guess she’ll just have to watch more closely next week.


Mommy Spice said...

Oooh, good thing for the plastic bat!! Have y'all played some t-ball in the snow? LOL!!

Ski Patrol said...

Who needs teeth??!!