Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Fun with Family and Friends

This week started with church services on Sunday. DD loves to go to her class, but Doodlebug is not thrilled about being separated from us. When we went back to pick her up after the service she came running to us laughing and jumping up and down as if she had just won a million dollars! It was soooo funny! I wish I had a video clip to share.

When the girls got home, they quickly changed into their play clothes and enjoyed playing outside.

Notice DD’s fashion. I don’t know what she did before Aunt Muh gave her the “dress-up” clothes. She wears this cheerleader dress over everything….including her pajamas!
Is she having fun or what!!!! (This reminds me of how she acts when we pick her up from the nursery at church.)
Even Brother Darling had a great time.
(He doesn’t know I posted this picture.)
DD and DB joined their friends at the park on Monday. The weather couldn’t have been better with temperatures in the mid-70’s! Snowbunny brought her dog, Ginger, and the girls had to have their picture made with her. We obviously have a group of dog lovers.
There was quite a change in the weather on Tuesday, so we decided to try out the new cupcake kit that our friends from Five Lindy Lane sent DD for her birthday. These friends were actually a part of our travel group when we went to China for DB. Since DD never meets a stranger, she wasted no time in inviting ML and DL to her b-day party 5 months prior to her birthday.

DD loved the baking part. I guess you can probably guess which part Doodlebug liked! Lol
Wednesday was also a beautiful day, but it wasn’t a day filled entirely with fun. Doodlebug had to visit the nurse for her final vaccinations. Notice her band-aids. Poor thing. To make things better, we tried a little retail therapy.
We stopped and bought bubbles on the way home. It worked like a charm!


Sophie's Mom said...

What fun they're having outside! I can't believe there is some green grass. We have so much snow (and another foot coming tomorrow night), I don't know when we'll see grass! I am so jealous!

Band aids on legs - no fun. :(

Mama Ladybug said...

So happy to see the girls having fun with the cupcakes. I love your new look on the blog, very nice. It's tax time so I will be scarce between now and April but just thought I'd say a quick, "Hi"! Congrat to DD on her reading. As for the sleep thing, we too have our waking times at night still. Nothing too bad, but a full night would be delightful, we TOTALLY understand. BTW, would you like to trade a dose of our below zero weather for those 70's you are having? BRRRRR, hurry Spring or give us a ticket to the Darling's house, LOL!

Anonymous said...

God is so GOOD. Just when we think we can't tolerate another day in the house, He sends the sun to cheer us up. Today has been one of those beautiful days. I am so glad the girls are able to get out and enjoy the great weather. The jonquils, my favorite flower, are in bloom here. Give DB our sympathy for the shots. Love, Aunt Muh

Chelsie, Alan, and Max said...

Poor DB, Max had to have FIVE done all at once, he is still sore two days later! I sure wish is was that warm here, Its in the mid 30's. They both look like they are having a blast!

Chelsie and Max