Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Best $1 I've Ever Owed

This is a picture of a quilt I won today…yes won! Amazingly, I didn’t even buy a raffle ticket! Many of the women at my mother’s church meet each week to quilt. This is a great time of fellowship for them, and they have done some amazing work. This particular quilt is the handiwork of at least two of my aunts, my mother, and several of their friends.
Well, I got a call from my Aunt Muh (DD’s name for her) notifying me that my name had been drawn in the raffle for this beautiful quilt. I didn’t even know that my mother had purchased a ticket in my name. Aren’t mothers great??? Thanks, Mom. I love you. I’ll pay you back the $1 when I come to pick up the quilt. LOL

Isn’t it funny how the theme of Chinese New Year celebration (this week) is all about good luck? I don’t even believe in luck, but today was definitely My Lucky Day!


Anonymous said...

It was rigged!! I too had a ticket in there....LOL You Lucky Dog!! Mom always did like you the best...hmm just "WHO" did the drawing of that ticket???? Need to do some research....I'll keep it safe until you come in...lol I love you, Sherry (sister and aunt)

Anonymous said...

I swear it was on the up and up. But if any money changes hands, I want MY share!! I hope you enjoy the quilt. Have Nanny make you a lable for it. Love, Aunt Muh