Friday, February 22, 2008

6 Months of Memories

Wednesday marked our 6 month anniversary with Doodlebug. Wow, 6 months already!!!!
On Aug. 20, 2007 we were taken to the Civil Affairs Office in DB’s province where we met her for the first time. We were the last family to enter the room and my eyes searched desperately to locate her.
She wasn’t quite as happy to see me as I was to see her!
She clung to her caretaker refusing to leave the only family that she had ever known. It was heartbreaking. I tried everything I knew to convince her to come to me, but nothing worked. When I finally “took” her she cried so loudly that DD could hardly stand it. Her painful crying went on for SEVERAL minutes. I felt so helpless…probably similar to how she felt. The other families were settling in quite nicely, but DB was determined to let us know that she didn’t like her new family and she wasn’t giving up easily.
After what seemed like forever, DB finally calmed down and began to withdraw into her little shell. She was unresponsive for several days. It was really sad.
I was honestly beginning to think that there might be something wrong with her.
I realize now that this was all a part of the grieving process…something that one has to actually see to understand.

What a difference 6 months has made!!!!! If you’ve read my blog over the past 6 months you already have an idea of DB’s life with our family. Words can’t express the love we have for this precious child. Her smile just melts my heart. The eyes that were once filled with a void are now filled with sparkles of joy and laughter. The loneliness that we once so much a part of her demeanor is gone. She loves to interact with us and has developed quite an imagination and sense of humor of her own.
Her speech is developing well, for a child who has only been exposed to English for 6 months. She has accepted us as her “forever family” and actually tells us that she loves us every day. She has such a sweet spirit. There’s nothing quite like her hugs; they are soooo emotional…so real. She clings to me now just like she did to her previous caretaker. During the short time we’ve had her DB has formed many new relationships with family and friends.
She’s given up her bottle; moved from the sippy cup to a straw; moved from a crib to a big bed; become practically diaper-free; developed an understanding of numbers and can identify most of the letters in the alphabet. Although her speech is limited, she has no trouble communicating. As a matter of fact, she is quite the "Drama Queen.” She’s so much fun!!! She’s not exactly what DD was expecting, but they’ve grown very close as sisters. God has been so good to us. I could go on forever, but if you’re a parent you already know the joy I’m trying to explain. If you love kids, you already know the happiness they provide. No further explanation is needed.

Oh what a difference 6 months can make.

Thank you, God, for this blessing!


Olivia said...

Wow! That post brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing the love that your family shares with miss Doodlebug! And I love the picture that ends the post. God Bless you and your sweet family!

Mommy Spice said...

Oh yes! I have seen nothing but pure joy and love radiate from this precious child. We love her so much and are so happy to be a part of her life. 6 months already? Wow!!

Elaine Williams said...

How blessed you all are!

Anonymous said...

Both the girls are such a blessing to the extended family, and to think that we thought you were losing your mind when you said you were going to adopt. Just when you were free to travel with Daddy D and both your older childern were ready to leave the nest. Thank God you didn't let us talk you out of your plans. Love you all. Aunt Muh

Panda-Mom said...

That last one has to be one of the CUTEST pics I have EVER seen!!!!! ; )

Anonymous said...

I admiire you so much for the challenge that you have taken on to raising these two PRECIOUS darlings! DB doesn't even look like the same child! I think you are doing a great job. They have brought so much joy into the family. We love you all very much!


liasmomma said...

Brought tears to my eyes too when I thought about how much DD was grieving. But the joy that comes after the sorrow is worth it. And you can see the joy that is in her life now that she's a part of your family. Thanks for sharing her journey with us!


Chelsie, Alan, and Max said...

Wow, what an amazing transformation! I just love to read your blog, I feel like I know your DB, she looked so sad in the orphanage when we saw her, but you can see that she has done a 180. Amazing. I can't wait to see how our Tongling Beauties do in the next six months!

Chelsie and Max (DB's Tongling roommate)

Anonymous said...

We've been blessed beyond measure -- to have these two precious girls added to our already wonderful family. Doesn't the addition of DD to our family and, now the last 6 months with Doodlebug, illustrate that love isn't divided -- it's multiplied!!!
Love to all and Thanksgiving for these darlings in our lives,
The Desert Rats xoxoxo

Ski Patrol said...

Wow!! Doodlebug is just a treasure! We love all the time we spend with you and yours! She is a joy !! Love her sister too!